Hyster Spotlight on Green Transition at TOC Global Showcase

2nd June 2021

At the virtual TOC Global Showcase, attendees will be updated on the zero-emission Hyster® Container Handler and ReachStacker projects and learn how hydrogen and lithium-ion power may move ports closer to total electrification.

Join the ‘Spotlight on the Green Transition’ session, on Thursday 17th June 2021, from 10.00 – 11.00, to hear Willem Nieuwland from Hyster Europe discuss the electrification of ports. They will talk about the latest updates on zero-emissions Hyster Big Truck developments that incorporate lithium-ion battery and fuel cell technology, and the complete range of Hyster equipment to support green port and terminals operations, from ship to store.

Zero emissions container handling

Hyster continues to develop Container Handlers and ReachStackers powered by lithium-ion batteries, either alone or combined with a fuel-cell range extender, as part of a number of funded projects for end users in the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Valencia.

Attendees to the digital TOC Global Showcase will hear more about the first Hyster zero-emissions Container Handler, which is approaching the on-site customer testing phase.

Hyster lithium-ion forklifts

Those attending the online event can also learn about other Hyster product innovations available now to support zero-emissions handling with high productivity portside.

For example, the new Hyster® J7.0–9.0XNL electric forklift series with fully integrated lithium-ion batteries, carries up to nine tonnes, and gives port operations the benefits of comparable diesel engine performance, and rapid opportunity charging.

TOC Global Showcase 2021

Register now to attend TOC Global Showcase 2021, which takes place from 31 May – 18 June 2021, and learn more about the green transition for ports.

For more information about Hyster products and services that can help port and terminal operations achieve their environmental objectives, visit the Hyster website or contact your local Hyster distribution partner.

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