Hyster® Short Term Hire Solutions for Food Applications

11th January 2021

Do you struggle to cope with increased demand and unexpected or seasonal busy periods?

Most businesses in the food industry experience peaks in activity or exceptional events at some stage that demand extra materials handling equipment for relatively short periods of time.

Your local Hyster® dealer is well positioned to react to situations quickly in order to help you to deal with increased demands.

How can short term rental Hyster® forklifts help food applications?

Short-term rental of Hyster® equipment allows you to source the right forklift trucks at very short notice.

Our extensive Hyster® dealer network offers availabilities of a large number and a range of trucks for short-term leasing.


And many other Hyster® equipment types.

Boost materials handling capacity

If your application is manufacturing, storing or handling food, short-term rental helps boost your materials handling capacity. It is an ideal solution if an unusually large quantity of goods must be moved at short notice or when you face a particularly tight deadline.

Keep food applications running smoothly

An unexpected event or equipment breakdown may require a quick replacement with another unit. A Hyster® short-term hire unit can fill the gap, keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently.

Talk to our food industry experts

Finding the right solution for you starts from working with a partner who knows your business and understands what matters most to you. Get in touch with the experts at your local Hyster® dealer today.

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