Hyster robotic trucks at LogiMAT 2019

13th March 2019

As if moved by magic, the Hyster® LO7.0T tow tractor advanced on the Hyster stand at this year’s LogiMAT, the intralogistics trade fair in Stuttgart in February 2019.


Equipped with innovative robotic technology, the truck is one of the first models offered by Hyster Europe.

“Our robotic trucks use geonavigation technology developed by Balyo, which does not require complex infrastructure changes to automate logistical processes,” said Timo Antony, Area Business Director Central Europe, Hyster. “Instead, the trucks work utilising the structural features within the building.”

Intelligent robotics solutions with the Hyster LO7.0T tow tractor

The Hyster® LO7.0T tow tractor was demonstrated at LogiMAT 2019.

Hyster Europe is now working with French robotics specialist Balyo.

Hyster relies mainly on the geoguidance system for navigating the industrial trucks. Based on LIDAR technology, this system determines the position of the truck by orienting it at fixed points, such as walls, shelves or the building structure. Reflectors or other physical navigation aids are not necessary.

Robotic trucks that can be used manually

“These robotics solutions are based on our lift trucks from series production, and the trucks can still be operated manually,” says Antony. “This great dual advantage means robot technology can be switched off at any time, and the driver can control the machines in manual mode if necessary.

“You can use a single robotic truck or a fleet,” says Antony. In addition, the use of Hyster® trucks from mass production simplifies the maintenance, troubleshooting and diagnostics of the trucks.


Robotics: The Hyster® S1.0-1.5C counterbalanced stacker with robotic technology Driven by Balyo follows a pre-set route.

Robotic trucks from Hyster

Currently, Hyster offers several industrial trucks that use the innovative robot technology. These include the Hyster® counterbalanced stackers S1.0C, S1.2C and S1.5C and the low-level order pickers such as the Hyster® LO2.5. In addition, several Hyster® tow tractors, which are used with tugger trains for feeding production lines, can be equipped with the robotics solutions.

Cost of a robotic lift truck

The costs depend on the truck type and the specific operation requirements. Generally speaking, companies should expect costs to be four to five times that of a manually controlled forklift truck. In addition, there are the installation costs.

For more information, visit www.hyster.eu.

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