Hyster Reachstackers in Action – 3 Videos to Watch Today

22nd September 2020

Hyster® ReachStackers are built for the most intense port and terminal applications, whether in the freezing Siberian winters or hot African summers.

Read on to see three of the ways that Hyster is helping ports and terminals to overcome their challenges.

Getting trains loaded and out on time

Hyster has worked with Freightliner in Southampton, UK, to help them maximise the efficiency of their operations with the Hyster® RS46 ReachStacker.

The ReachStacker is highly reliable, enabling operators to get the trains loaded and out on time. Operator comfort was a high priority for Freightliner. It was found that the Hyster® ReachStacker provided the comfort and visibility needed for productivity and performance.

Watch this video to learn more.

Direct second rail visibility

Another success has been the use of a Hyster® ReachStacker with a vertical elevating cab at Hupac in Switzerland.

The operation at Hupac is an inland rail terminal where lorries deliver and handle containers and trailers. Hupac wanted to be able to have direct visibility on second rail while handling the containers to reduce risk of damage while also being able to place containers on the trains on second rail without the need of a banksman.

The vertical elevating cab on the Hyster® ReachStacker gives visibility of a container placed on the second rail, even while a train on the first rail blocks the direct view. A remote control was also developed to operate the spreader and boom movements from outside the cabin of the Hyster® ReachStacker. This allows an operator to do the final placement of a container onto a railcar independently, without the help of a colleague.

See more details in this video

Picking containers from a barge

We have also supplied ROC Waalwijk in the Netherlands with a Hyster® ReachStacker to support barge handling operations.

The challenge for ROC Waalwijk is to move containers in the most efficient way with a truck that is as compact as possible. For barge handling operations there are also certain required capacities, as well as an objective to achieve the lowest cost price per working hour.

To meet ROC Waalwijk’s specific requirements, the ReachStacker has been specially equipped with an extended rotator head on the boom so that the spreader can reach the low level required for picking containers from a barge.

Watch to learn more.

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