Hyster® ReachStackers get updated 817 Innovation Spreader

14th December 2022

The current 817 standard spreader will be replaced with the updated 817 Innovation spreader on all Hyster® RS46 ReachStackers.

The 817 Innovation Spreader for Hyster ReachStackers has undergone a significant design update that contributes to an increased lifetime expectancy, easier maintenance, and a reduced total cost of the operation, without impacting truck capacity.

Structural enhancements

The updated ReachStacker spreader has additional reinforcing and is constructed out of high tensile steel, enhancing torsional rigidity, and improving fatigue life. Additional wear pads have been added to the inside top of the mainframe to reduce wear on the extension beams while wear pads on the extension beams have been increased in size to distribute wear force over a larger area.

Additional reinforcement has also been added to the interface between the extension beam and the end beam while the sideshift cylinder has been repositioned on to the top of the mainframe for better protection. The extension cylinders have also been repositioned on top of the mainframe, allowing easier access for service and maintenance.

Electrical and Hydraulic systems

The Neuron CANbus system, designed for maximum robustness, monitors the state of the spreader at all times and provides fault code messaging to alert the driver and maintenance personnel of possible error conditions.

The hydraulic system has also undergone improvements to provide increased fuel economy while improving extend and retract speeds.

Two LED work lights are now mounted to the end beams instead of the base frame, meaning the lights will stay pointed at the twistlocks, no matter the position of the end beams and removing the need for optional twistlock lights.

The lifting eyes have also been relocated to positions near the twistlocks, which themselves are now lubrication-free to lower the total cost of ownership by reducing the time needed for maintenance.

Transform your port application with Hyster

No matter your industry, application or requirement, your local Hyster distribution partner is ready to advise on a range of attachments for your Hyster® lift truck to suit your needs. 

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