Hyster® Platform Stacker Helps Warehouse Operations to Keep Costs Low

5th May 2020

Hyster Europe has launched a new Platform Stacker ideal for cost effectively handling stock in retail and warehousing applications.

The S1.2 – 2.0S Hyster® Platform Stacker series is a perfect choice for applications looking to transport stock, or other items, over short to medium distances. Capable of reaching heights up to 6 metres and lifting up to 2 tonnes, these tough trucks are particularly well suited for retail, manufacturing or warehouse environments.

With a choice of mast options, the tough S1.2-2.0S series has been intelligently designed to support activities such as line feed operations, internal load transfer from end of line to shelves and other general stacking operations.

Platform Stacker with Initial Lift… and more

The initial lift models, with additional double pallet option, are also ideal for transporting and stacking in double pallet configurations and may be suited for use in areas with uneven floors or on ramps.

The Platform Stacker trucks can also be customised to meet specific applications needs, with adjustable performance settings, options for cold store operations, a wide range of drive wheels, several fork lengths, Pedestrian Awareness Lights, battery options, and more.

Compact Hyster® stacker for easy manoeuvring

A lack of space is often a challenge in retail and warehousing operations, so all the models in the new Platform Stacker series have a compact design which allows easy manoeuvring in small aisle widths.

With optimal visibility, thanks to smart positioning of the mast and lift cylinders, the Hyster® Platform Stacker enhances operator comfort. The large platform, foldable for convenience, is robust with excellent grip, while the side arms are designed for both protection and comfort.

Tough, with a low cost of ownership

The eight S1.2-2.0S models are built with the same level of toughness, efficiency and dependability already found in the wide range of Hyster® warehouse equipment. With powerful acceleration and fast lifting and lowering speeds, the trucks help maximise productivity in fast moving retail and warehouse applications and make the Hyster® Platform Stacker a cost-effective solution.

A robust frame and battery cover, sealed connectors, greased for life load rollers and a reliable electrical system all contribute to a Low Cost of Ownership.

Service and support

To keep downtime to a minimum in busy warehouses, the Hyster® Platform Stacker is also built to make servicing simple, with a built-in diagnostic system, quick remove covers, lengthy service intervals and 24-month warranty as standard. Responsive support is offered via the global network of trusted local Hyster® distribution partners.

For further information, visit www.hyster.com.

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