Hyster materials handling solutions for the wood handling cycle

3rd September 2018

Materials handling operations across the wood industry face particular challenges. From handling raw materials to supporting recycling operations, solutions from Hyster Europe meet handling needs throughout the whole cycle.

Handling lumber with a lift truck

Handling in the wood supply chain often starts with raw materials at saw mils. This can be challenging because felled trees are not usually an even load, making them difficult to handle during transportation into the saw mill. In this application, operations can specify a Hyster® lift truck with self-levelling forks for maximum stability when lifting and moving the load. Or select options such as a raised cabin, or specialist grabbing and clamp attachments to meet their particular needs.


Hyster trucks for saw mills, manufacturing and more

As wood products are transported in the saw mill or move on for use in a manufacturing site, operations continue to face difficult environments.  However, these applications can depend on tough and reliable Hyster® forklift trucks to keep the operation going. Ranging from 2-tonne lift capacity trucks to 16-tonne lift capacity trucks, the choice of Hyster® ICE lift trucks offers many helpful features.


For instance, tough Hyster® lift trucks are built to withstand damage with a robust chassis and high strength mast to help to optimise capacity retention at high lifts, as well as rigidity. Cabins designed with the operator in mind also provide a good level of visibility for driver efficiency and comfort, even when reversing.

The Hyster® XN series of tough electric lift trucks is also frequently used to support wood industry handling operations, due to its powerful AC motor technology used for traction and hoist and built-in thermal management system. This zero-emission forklift operates reliably through the toughest wood applications, indoors and outdoors.


Handling wood in dusty environments

Many wood applications, particularly wood recycling and the manufacture of wood pellet fuel, particle board and construction materials, can also be dusty and dirty. This poses challenges for materials handling equipment as the forklift radiators can become clogged up, causing unnecessary downtime and costing businesses money in lost production.

The Hyster® Cool Truck package, available for Hyster® ICE trucks from 2-5.5 tonne capacity, has, among other design features, an innovative automatically reversing fan that significantly extends radiator cleaning intervals and contributes to increased productivity even in high ambient operating temperatures.

A new option for the wood industry providing reverse cooling is also now available for Hyster® lift trucks of up to 16 tonne lift capacity.



Specialist Hyster® solutions for wood applications

Additional options are also available to suit any type of specialist wood handling application. For wood recycling and operations with awkward loads, for example, bale clamp attachments can be used with a Hyster® lift truck for reliable and efficient handling.


Another useful addition is the Hyster Tracker fleet management system, which can help even the toughest wood industry operations manage their fleet effectively, reducing under or over utilisation of assets and ensuring maintenance is managed efficiently for minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

All Hyster products are manufactured to stringent quality processes and tested to guarantee reliability. Maintenance and service support are also provided through a global network of local distribution partners to minimise downtime and keep operations going.

For more information about the range of robust and dependable Hyster® forklifts and solutions for wood handling, visit www.hyster.eu or speak to your local Hyster® dealer.




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