Hyster lift trucks for recycling at IFAT 2018

23rd May 2018

At IFAT 2018 from 14 – 18 May in Munich, Germany, Hyster Europe showcased its broad range of products and specially engineered solutions to overcome the handling challenges in waste management and recycling operations.

All recycling applications, including wood, metals and chemical waste present specific, tough conditions as well as a common need to use attachments. At IFAT 2018 Hyster Europe showcased a comprehensive range of innovative Hyster® products to meet the challenges of the recycling industry, while supporting efficiency and reducing downtime.

Metal recycling

Hyster® heavy duty lift trucks are designed for durability and can be integrated with specialist attachments to handle blocks or bales of scrap metal with stability as they arrive into the recycling process.

To withstand high temperatures of a melting furnace, Hyster® forklift trucks can be equipped with a heat protection package.


Special attachments, such as a rotating fork clamp, can also enable Hyster® forklifts to transport hot molten metals to the next stage of the recycling process where it is re-shaped and cooled.

Using a magnet attachment with a Hyster® truck is just one of many effective handling solutions, enabling a specific number of sheets to be lifted, before placing a set number down in another location to reduce cycle times and speed up operations.

Chemical recycling

Many chemical waste operations depend on tough Hyster® lift trucks that can endure the difficult, dirty conditions often found on a waste management site.  Furthermore, chemical waste is commonly flammable.


To support chemical handling applications, many types of Hyster® lift truck can be converted to be explosion protected for operation in zone 1 or zone 2 areas.

Wood recycling

As well a wide range of solutions for handling finished recycled products, such as reel clamps, grabbing adapters and double pallet handlers, Hyster® solutions support operations from the start of the recycling process.

For instance, handling the large volumes of containerised wood chips is one challenge faced by wood recycling applications.

To overcome this, Hyster® ReachStackers can be fitted with a custom container pivot attachment which provides an efficient way to empty 20ft containers.

Paper recycling

Standard forklift trucks operating in paper recycling operations can be prone to clogged radiators due to dust. For handling loads up to 5.5-tonnes, the Hyster® Cool Truck is designed to help recycling applications avoid potential downtime and has features designed to reduce the vacuuming of dirt and dust from the floor into the engine compartment.  It uses a reversing fan to periodically blow out any unwanted dust collected.

The Hyster® Cool Truck has also been designed for use with a wide range of attachments. For example, using specialist clamps for handling paper bales as they arrive into the recycling process.

In addition, Hyster Europe offers lower cabin height options on several truck series to enable loads to be efficiently stuffed into the back of lorries or a container, where the height is restricted.

Fleet Management

To help enhance lift truck fleet management across large and busy recycling and waste management sites of any type, most Hyster® trucks can be fitted with Hyster Tracker telematics technology.


The Hyster Tracker system enables truck usage to be monitored and damage to be detected so that downtime can be reduced, maintenance can be managed, and operations can benefit from optimised productivity.

For more information on Hyster® solutions for recycling applications, contact your local Hyster® distribution partner or visit www.hyster.eu.

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