Hyster® Lift Truck Shortlisted for 2020 IFOY Award

6th February 2020

After a rigorous review of its technical innovation, the new Hyster® J60XNL forklift (referred to as J3.0XNL in Europe) has been nominated for this year’s IFOY AWARD (International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year). Here’s what the new model been recognised for:

Heavy-duty solutions

The Hyster® J60XN/ J3.0XNL takes the efficient, fast charging and zero battery maintenance elements of lithium-ion power and brings it to a counterbalance lift truck, taking into consideration design, ergonomics and reduced total cost of operation.

With opportunity charging and the ability to charge in around one hour, the lithium-ion power an ideal solution for heavy-duty applications. The new truck is also FDA compliant, with zero emissions in operation and no gassing required during the charging process, making it a strong choice for operations subject to high standards for hygiene, such as the food, beverage or pharmaceuticals industries.

Ergonomic design from the ground up

The Hyster® J60XN/J3.0XNL lithium-ion forklift is the first counterbalance lift truck designed from the ground up to take advantage of the form factor of a lithium-ion battery pack. Compared to the traditional forklift design, this provides several important benefits, including greater space in the operator compartment with lower centre of gravity and improved ergonomics, all with the fast, opportunity charging benefits of lithium-ion power.

Faster, more flexible charging

Rather than a battery box replacement like other lithium-ion powered counterbalance trucks, the Hyster® J60XN/J3.0XNL integrated lithium forklift does not follow a typical box on wheels design. Instead it takes advantage of the form factor of lithium-ion batteries to offer several advantages in relation to the equivalent electric truck designed for lead-acid batteries. Faster, more flexible charging. Operators can charge the integrated lithium truck in approximately one hour, whenever they have an opportunity.


The IFOY AWARD recognises the year’s best intralogistics products and system solutions. The aim of the organisation is to document the performance capability and innovative drive of the intralogistics, helping to boost competitiveness and raise the profile of the entire sector in the public arena.

In February, all of the forklifts nominated for the IFOY AWARD will be tested by industry experts in Hannover, Germany at the IFOY “Test Camp”. The results will be announced at the IFOY AWARD Night on 20th April 2020 as part of the Hannover Messe 2020 show.

Visit the IFOY website for more information.

For further information, visit www.hyster.com or find your local Hyster® distribution partner.

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