Hyster innovations for port operations

27th March 2018

With increased demand for ‘connected’ operations, Hyster Europe, sponsor of the Port Technology Conference at CEMAT 2018, is supporting applications throughout the logistics chain with innovative 360-degree technology solutions.

Zero emissions ports of the future

Many port operators are now looking to achieve zero emissions with their handling equipment. One way that manufacturers are increasingly looking to meet this need is by exploring the possibilities for trucks that operate using alternative power sources.

For example, Hyster Europe has revealed that development is underway on a zero-emission, high-capacity electric lift truck, with a view that ports may be able to electrify their entire fleets in future.

The first truck in development is a 48-tonne capacity Hyster® laden container handling unit powered by lithium-ion battery, which is expected to achieve similar full shift performance to an equivalent Hyster® diesel-powered truck. In future, Hyster expects to offer the truck with a choice of options, either powered by lithium-ion battery only, or with a combination of a battery plus a Nuvera® fuel cell.

Port applications can also use existing technologies to start to prepare for a lower emissions future. For example, the Hyster Tracker telematics system can help identify under- or over-utilised equipment, by truck, fleet or location.

For ports working towards zero emissions operations, it will also be necessary to consider the trucks used in areas such as stores. The range of electric solutions for Hyster® forklift and warehouse trucks, using both lithium-ion and lead-acid battery power, already caters well to this need.

Self-drive trucks in the warehouse

Costly automation solutions are usually seen in the logistics sector on a large-scale but fail to meet the needs for recurring, but intermittent, automated tasks. The new Hyster® solution, which has been developed with leading automation technology specialists, addresses this with an affordable, truck-based approach.


Currently available on selected Hyster® tow tractors, pedestrian counterbalance lift trucks, and low-level order pickers, the Hyster® solution enables applications to benefit from the quality and reliability of Hyster® trucks, alongside cutting-edge automation technology.

Rather than requiring complex changes to enable automated logistics, the Hyster® truck-based solution maps the environment using natural features in the building.  This means that the truck’s automated tasks can be easily adapted if the site infrastructure changes.

In addition, the flexible Hyster® solution allows the truck to be used as a fully automated unit, a supportive, partly-automated machine, or used by the operator as normal with the automation system switched off.

Innovation for handling empty containers

With many empty container operations relying on double handling for maximum productivity, it makes sense for them to operate equipment that can double handle any type of container with ease, without being selective.


The new innovative Empty Container Handler from Hyster Europe provides double handling capabilities for any empty container type, even for 2 reefers with the refrigeration units on the same side, which would normally cause an offset load.

Container handling companies are continuously pushed to strive for more efficiency and reduce the cost per container move. With an industry leading capacity of up to 11 tonnes, and lifting up to 9 high, the new Hyster® trucks offer significant productivity advantages.

The truck features optional technology such as a cabin that tilts back 10° at higher lifts to make looking up easier, and a 1000mm raised cabin option for enhanced visibility when the container is at driving height.

The optional auto extend-retract feature further assists operators by adjusting the spreader to a 20ft or 40ft container size at the touch of a button. Additionally, operators can also be supported by smart camera systems.

New innovative options for ReachStackers

A new elevating cabin option for the Hyster® RS46 ReachStacker has been developed in response to the needs of customers in heavy-duty port and terminal applications.


The moveable cab is raised on a hinged arm instead of a mast and provides optimised visibility on the second rail when picking containers, for greater efficiency and reduced damage.  Containers can even be picked from the second rail when there is another container on the first rail.

With the robust Hyster® cabin design, operators benefit from a comfortable environment with reduced sideways movement, shock and vibration when driving, while the ability to tilt the cabin makes handling high stacks more comfortable.

For more information on solutions for ports, terminals and logistics applications, speak to your local Hyster® dealer or visit www.hyster.eu.

CEMAT 2018 takes place from 23 – 27 April 2018 in Hannover, Germany.

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