Hyster europe big solutions showcase 2017

26th September 2017

The Hyster Europe Big Solutions Showcase 2017 on 21st and 22nd September showcased how Hyster helps varied industries overcome the different challenges of 6 to 16 tonne loads.

Managing Space and Time Zone

Part of a series of nine new Empty Container Handler models, the new Hyster® H11XM-ECD8 handles empty containers with ease and helps empty container yards save space and time.


The Hyster® H8.0FT-9 can load 40ft containers with loads up to 8 tonnes and use attachments for unusual cargo.

Demanding Applications Zone


An H16XM-12 can be specially adapted for the steel industry to handle triple coils.


For businesses in the beverage industry looking to handle more than one pallet at a time, the H8.0FT-9 can be used with a multi-pallet handler attachment.

Damage Avoidance Zone


Every paper roll handling operation needs individual clamping force settings and specifications. The H12XM-6 with a Bolzoni paper clamp offers fast and accurate handling of paper reels.

Awareness Zone


With cameras, telematics and other technologies, “connected” Hyster® fleets help deliver increased productivity and improved visibility.

Environmental Zone


The lithium-ion battery powered 8-tonne electric forklift J8.0XN is ideal for most normal timber applications for a zero emissions operation.

Hyster Tracker


The event demonstrated how Hyster Tracker fleet management can increase driver accountability and reduce stock and equipment damage. The cost of operation can also be reduced through increased productivity, cost control and more.

For more information or to find your local Hyster Dealer, visit www.hyster.eu.

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