Hyster Europe at the International Wood Fair

14th September 2018

Hyster Europe showcased varied solutions for wood handling applications at the International Wood Fair in Klagenfurt, Austria from 29th August to 1st September with local Hyster® distribution partner Zeidler.

Lift trucks for wood applications

Handling wood is not just about moving planks around the saw mill.  Nowadays, wood applications can cover everything from machined wood to roofing materials, and fibre board to OSB.  This adds complexity to handling operations, as each of these product types presents different challenges as it moves throughout the supply chain. The right equipment and attachments are vital for efficient operations.

Lithium-ion Lift Truck

The innovative lithium-ion battery powered J8.0XN forklift was one solution on show at Holzmesse – the International Wood Fair – and experts from Hyster Europe and Austrian Hyster® dealer Zeidler were available to provide information on the wide range of Hyster® solutions to support the wood industry.


Timber handling solutions

“Regardless of where the operation sits within the supply chain, wood handling can be demanding,” said David Reeve, Industry Solutions Manager for Hyster Europe at the show.  “However, by choosing the right trucks and attachments to meet specific needs, wood applications can reduce damage, increase efficiency and achieve a low total cost of ownership.”

For more information on solutions for timber and finished wood handling applications, visit www.hyster.eu or contact your local Hyster® dealer.

For more information on the International Wood Fair, visit https://www.kaerntnermessen.at/en/fairs/international-wood-fair.html .


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