2nd September 2021

How do you handle a 10ft container with a Hyster ReachStacker? A new video from Hyster answers that question, demonstrating a clip-on attachment, specially designed for transporting and stacking smaller shipping containers.

In the past, accommodating the switch between handling standard sized 20ft or 40ft containers, and the less commonly used 10ft containers, may have required a more varied materials handling fleet. Now, thanks to a specially engineered, straightforward clip-on attachment, a Hyster ReachStacker can be used for handling a 10ft container size too

See how in this video!

How does it work?

The couplings on the 10ft container clip-on attachment enable uncomplicated and quick connection and disconnection to the spreader, as you can see in the video. This provides flexibility for operations handling containers of varying sizes and helps optimise uptime.

The standard status lights on the spreader show when the attachment is connected to the Hyster ReachStacker. The special attachment features another set of status lights to assist the operator. These lights clearly indicate when the container has been engaged by the attachment.

Watch the latest video from Hyster to see how the tough Hyster ReachStacker is designed to deliver stability, reliability and productivity to the most demanding materials handing operation. As you can see from the video, this truck is even built to work hard in extremely harsh weather conditions!

What’s your container handling challenge?

Maybe the challenge in your operations is handling 10ft containers, or perhaps it’s something else. Every application is different, which is why it is so vital to match the right truck to your specific application needs.

Talk to your local Hyster distribution partner to discuss your particular requirements and how the range of Hyster lift trucks and specially engineered solutions can help.

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