How Hyster lift truck attachments improve efficiencies in the beverage industry

21st July 2022

With the global alcoholic beverages market expected to generate revenue of over $1.8 trillion in 2022, businesses and manufactures in the industry are under increasing pressure to produce more, transport greater load sizes, and increase their warehousing capacity.

Meeting business objectives and seasonal demands in the beverage industry are key drivers for operations to increase their productivity and handling rate. Due to consumer choice, the product mix is constantly evolving, and operators must handle varying load sizes.

Different dimensions and weights may also mean that the forklift operator needs suitable attachments that can handle multiple loads efficiently.

Multi-pallet handling attachments for Hyster® lift trucks

Multi-pallet handler attachments are one way that beverage industry applications could boost handling efficiency with lift trucks. In some cases, attachment providers claim it is possible to almost double throughput, without the need to invest in extra lift trucks or personnel.

A multi-pallet handler attachment on a Hyster forklift allows the operator to handle several pallets of finished beverages (or ingredients at the production stage) more efficiently. This is particularly helpful when applied in logistics operations, allowing for much faster loading and unloading of vehicles and therefore reducing turnaround times.

Key features of multi-pallet handling attachments

Multi-pallet handling attachments for Hyster lift trucks are available through the network of local Hyster distribution partners. They are designed to offer optimum visibility at a range of lift heights when matched with the right applications.

For example, one attachment available features synchronised fork movements with fast opening and closing speeds. This supports efficient handling of up to four pallets side by side. A multitude of additional options are available, including different fork lengths or sections, providing customisable solutions to meet the demands of the beverage industry.

Total cost of ownership can be kept low thanks to robust attachment design in conjunction with minimal maintenance. Hyster works with attachment suppliers to provide solutions that feature wear and corrosion-resistant materials, alongside features such as automatic lubrication systems to extend maintenance intervals and match your forklift truck service intervals.

Your local Hyster distribution partner is ready to advise on your multi-pallet handler attachment needs while our Beverage Industry page showcases some more of our industry specific solutions.

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