How Hyster innovations are helping the retail sector evolve – Part 1 of 3

13th August 2019

Warehouse space is becoming increasingly inadequate in the face of rising demand. One reason for this, is the continued growth of online shopping. Space-saving solutions from Hyster can help to utilise every square meter of available space within the warehouse.

Large retail outlets are often challenged with storing and handling stock within the tight confines of a small warehouse.  These warehouses often are designed with narrow aisle widths and high racking which can make handling difficult. Today, many companies are forced by the ever-growing on-line market to increase their storage space with an unchanged floor plan.

Innovative trucks from Hyster Europe support retail applications as space continues to be at a premium in warehouses.

Compact Reach Truck for retail warehouses

The new compact Hyster® Reach Truck models are designed with retail operations in mind, lifting up to 1400kg and reaching heights of up to 7.5m. Its streamlined size makes it ideal for efficient stacking, storing, transporting or picking in the tight spaces commonly found in retail warehouses, and for added flexibility, forks can be adjusted to an ergonomic working height for warehouse order picking.

Tilting Reach Truck Mast

These operations typically have tight spaces, so the truck also includes a mast that can be tilted back. By tilting the mast, the Hyster® R1.0E, 1.2E and 1.4E Reach Trucks provide greater manoeuvrability, saving all-important centimetres so the truck can handle stock in even narrower aisles.

Low Cost of Ownership

An integral side shift and compact chassis design also help improve productivity, as even in tight spaces, goods can be stored and retrieved efficiently. A robust frame, top protection of the load wheels, sealed connectors and critical sensors all contribute to overall dependability, helping to maintain a low Total Cost of Ownership.

For more information on solutions for retail applications, talk to your local Hyster dealer or visit

Look out for Part 2 of this blog which looks at solutions to tackle the urbanisation of retail warehousing and logistics

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