10th August 2021

Ports and inland terminals are over capacity as the quantity of containers being shipped worldwide continues to grow. Sound familiar? Double handling with a Hyster® Empty Container Handler could be a Change for the Better, helping your business to boost performance and bring costs under control.

Why choose a Hyster Empty Container Handler?

Every piece of Hyster equipment is designed, tested, and built to address real challenges in tough applications to help customers like you do more and grow more.

Here are some of the ways you could benefit from a Hyster Empty Container Handler:

  • Increase throughput – With greater speed and efficiency, double handling could increase throughput by up to 30%, driving down the cost per container moved
  • Reduce congestion – Double handling may help reduce congestion inside the terminal and on roads. Shorter waiting times for lorries means less queues and optimised traffic flows
  • Lower cost of ownership – Driving distances decrease with double handling, so fuel usage and tyre wear are reduced
  • Double reefer handling – Handle two refrigerated units at once, even if they have a wet floor or the load is ‘imbalanced’ with cooling units positioned on the same side!

Change your Empty Container Handler

Are you ready to make a change for the better in your container handling operation?

Talk to a Hyster specialist today for full details and advice.

Or more information about how Hyster solutions can help your port or terminal operation do more and grow more, talk to your local Hyster distribution partner.

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