How Companies Like Saica Handle Materials in Restricted Spaces

2nd October 2018

Space is at a premium in busy warehouse and outside environments but – as these materials handling case studies show – operational efficiency doesn’t have to be compromised.

Choosing the right forklift truck to operate in tight spaces is essential for high productivity and overall performance success. In this blog, we take a look at the significant benefits of making the right choice in a number of challenging operations – even where space is limited.

Powerful Performance in Paper

With 28 million square metres of corrugated fibre board produced at Saica Pack’s Scottish facility every year, loading, lifting and moving the company’s wide range of packaging products within tight space constraints was a challenge.

Equipment needed to operate efficiently in the available space yet still offer high load capacity to meet demanding performance targets. Minimising damage to the paper rolls during transit and reducing waste costs was equally important.

Hyster® space-saving forklift trucks have proved the ideal solution for the Spanish paper packaging giant. Offering excellent manoeuvrability, with the advantage of just a 1.43m wheelbase and 500mm load centre, the Fortens S2.5FT truck has a 2.5 tonne lift capacity, while the S5.5FTS model can handle up to 5.5 tonnes.

The addition of forklift paper handling attachments and clamps support the handling of paper rolls – making these reliable LPG powered Hyster trucks crucial to maintaining the operation’s high productivity levels.

Tailored Solution

Rapidly expanding UK builders merchant Selco maximised storage space in confined areas across its network of 28 warehouse outlets thanks to Hyster’s customised approach.

Hyster’s Special Product Engineering Division (SPED) developed a bespoke 5500mm two stage mast which was fitted to the H3.0FT forklift trucks used by Selco to unload blocks, bagged aggregate, wood and metal from lorries and store in the yard before loading onto customers’ vehicles.

Storage Space Maximised

Getting the most out of available storage space was also a critical part of a leading Czech brewer’s drive to improve overall efficiency. This has been achieved thanks to the superior manoeuvrability of the Hyster S7.0FT Fortens Spacesaver truck which features a high lifting capacity of 7 tonnes on a shorter wheelbase compared to the standard equivalent model.

These trucks are part of a 130 strong materials handling fleet currently in operation at the Plzensky Prazdroj brewery tasked with helping to increase productivity.

Faster Operations

Analysis of operations at Procter & Gamble’s Duracell factory in Aarschot, Belgium – where millions of the American brand of batteries are manufactured every day – identified the need for smaller and more agile materials handling equipment.

As a result, the local Hyster dealer supplied a total of 22 three- and four-wheel electric trucks which provide excellent levels of manoeuvrability thanks to a zero turn radius. Operators are now able to move easily between the major production areas and avoid other vehicles despite working closely alongside each other.

For ICI Paris XL, recent changes to a number of supply processes at the central depot in Belgium meant that available space for handling the cosmetics, perfumes and skincare products had been significantly reduced. The supply of compact Hyster trucks capable of operating effectively in the narrow corridors of the depot meant that high levels of efficiency were achieved and sustained.

Productivity Gains

Limited space for materials handling operations was also an issue for Dutch agribusiness Provimi BV.

For this specific manufacturing environment, Hyster has supplied a selection of forklift trucks. Each is equipped with a two- or three-stage mast as well as reversing signs, flashing lights and gates around the driver’s seat. These features help to enhance productivity by avoiding contact with other vehicles or pedestrians and enabling the operator easy access / egress in tight operating areas.

Improved Energy Efficiencies

The compact design of Hyster’s Fortens trucks was an important requirement for specialist forklift rental company Vitesse. Operating in Waalhaven and Rotterdam, the Dutch firm turned to Hyster when it needed to expand its range in response to increased customer demand for energy efficient equipment.

Not only has overall fuel expenditure been reduced thanks to lower fuel consumption of the Hyster equipment, space is also optimised due to the special low container masts and cabins in the Hyster Fortens trucks which are used to unload trucks and containers.

In increasingly competitive markets, operations managers are under growing pressure to improve efficiency and make the most of available indoor and outdoor space. Choosing the right application-specific forklift truck can make a significant and positive difference to productivity performance – even in the most demanding operational environments.


  • High productivity levels can still be met in smaller operational spaces with the right forklift truck.
  • Maximise available space by using materials handling equipment specifically designed for tight operating areas – no matter what the application.
  • Productivity can be improved with the use of efficient materials handling equipment.
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