22nd November 2021

Double handling with a Hyster® Empty Container Handler could be a Change for the Better, helping your business to boost performance and bring costs under control. Hear from real terminal operations how it’s helping them in our latest video.

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When it comes to Empty Container Handling, Hyster has a wealth of experience in increasing capacity and productivity, and smart solutions. With Hyster, double container handling can be done quickly, safely, and with loads of up to 11-tonnes.

More efficient

Being able to double your load significantly reduces equipment movements on your yard. Moreover, by optimising your yard for double handling, you can further increase throughout and boost efficiency.


Handling two containers instead of one, may look challenging, but in an operation optimised for double container handling, efficiency and safety go hand in hand. By separating traffic flows and essentially banning lorries from driving in between container stacks the risk of interference between equipment and lorries or pedestrians can be reduced.

More TEU through higher stacking

If you’re dealing with space restrictions, high cost of real estate, and increased demand for productivity, why not go higher? Hyster Empty Container Handlers are designed for double handling with optimal stability, enabling you to stack up to nine containers high and place more TEU on your yard in a quick and reliable manner. Same space, more capacity, less cost per container moved.

Your ultimate double handling partner

Hyster aims to provide the most reliable double handling machines on the market, thanks to state of the art design and engineering, providing Empty Container Handlers that can be tailored to your application and needs.

Click here if you’re interested to learn how you can optimise efficiency and handling speed, optimise yard throughput, reduce congestion, increase TEU capacity, optimise operations to reduce risk of damages and lower your Total Cost of Ownership.

Or contact your local Hyster dealer.

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