“Breakthrough” 8t Electric Forklift previewed by Hyster

25th November 2016

The new Hyster® J8.0XN electric forklift powered by Lithium ION was previewed at the Hyster® HUB event held in Weeze, Germany in October 2016.

International press and VIPs witnessed a comparison between the high powered J8.0XN and an equivalent ICE truck. Both trucks were loaded with a pallet and then lifted and lowered, achieving the same full speed.


The next test was a drag race over 75m. Over the first 15m the J8.0XN was faster to accelerate, but by 25m the diesel truck gained ground, and by 75m the J8.0XN was only half a truck’s length behind.

This drag race showed that the new J8.0XN has enough top speed capability and acceleration to be effective in large manufacturing plants, which may incorporate tasks with long driving distances.

Another test at the HUB event involved circuits to replicate a typical work cycle, including lifting and positioning loads, driving 30m, turning and reversing, to show that the electric J8.0XN can easily match the performance of LPG or diesel trucks.

For more information, visit http://www.hyster.eu.

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