High frequency chargers help keep Hyster truck operations lean and green

16th October 2017

To support busy materials handling operations utilising electric forklift trucks, a range of High Frequency Chargers are available for Hyster® trucks.  This helps optimise charging time, helping businesses to improve efficiency, reduce costs and become more environmentally friendly.

For example, high frequency chargers could enable operations to charge batteries up to 95% in less than three hours when using a battery and charger with an air option. This improves battery availability and minimises downtime for charging, helping to keep busy warehouse, storage and logistics operations moving.

Compared to a conventional charger, high frequency chargers also offer an energy saving of up to 25%, and reduce water consumption by up to 50%, which not only positively impacts a company’s carbon footprint, but also helps to reduce operational costs.

Suitable for all lead-acid battery types, the high frequency chargers are designed to be highly reliable, while taking up less workspace than a 50Hz charger. Specifying a modular high frequency charger option can also support simpler servicing and maintenance. The modular design makes it easier and quicker to fix or replace a singular module, rather than removing or replacing the entire system.

Operators or operations managers can quickly and easily track the battery status while charging thanks to the user-friendly interfaces featured on high frequency chargers. This can help to determine when equipment will be available, making it simpler and more efficient to plan daily activity.

The chargers can also save data about charging cycles so that problems, such as incorrect battery charging, can be identified. These issues can then be addressed to help reduce downtime and ensure optimum efficiency within the operation.

High frequency chargers are suitable for any busy operation using Hyster® electric forklift trucks, that is looking to become more energy efficient and reduce costs.

For more information talk to a local Hyster® distribution partner or visit www.hyster.eu.

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