Handling Paper Rolls? Extend Your Reach With Special Tilting Carriage From Hyster

28th July 2020

If your operation involves loading paper rolls onto trailers, you’ll typically be looking to position them down the centre line of the lorry bed in order to support even weight distribution. Did you know that a specially engineered Hyster® lift truck solution exists to help make this easier for you?

The new extended reach with tilting carriage solution for the Hyster® J5.5XN6 electric forklift enables paper rolls to be loaded and unloaded onto the centre of a lorry bed.

When lifting a 2500mm paper roll, the solution gives an additional 250mm extended reach capability at lorry bed height to help position the roll inside of the lorry. This assists in the transportation process while also supporting adherence to industry best practice throughout Europe.

See the solution in action.

Whereas previously a 7-tonne capacity lift truck may have been needed, now a Hyster® J5.5XN6 electric forklift with the extended reach and tilting carriage solution can take on the challenge of paper roll handling. Otherwise, with a 5.5-tonne truck, a shift in load centre and reduced residual capacity would usually be encountered.

As well as assisting with lorry loading and unloading operations, the Hyster® solution is compact and agile, allowing customers to operate efficiently in warehouses by maximising storage density and minimising damage. Hyster® electric forklifts also provide the benefits of a reduced carbon footprint, with no compromise on productivity or efficiency.

Plus, with the selection of the outdoor protection / washdown package, this truck is a great option for all-weather environments.

Speak to your local Hyster® dealer about how they can support your paper roll handling operations and the solutions available from the Hyster Special Engineering Team.

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