Handling in Ports & Terminals on the Danube? 5 Videos You Must Watch Today

16th February 2021

If you’re handling container with lift trucks in ports and terminals along the Danube, Hyster has some great solutions to help.

Watch these 5 videos to see how Hyster is helping port and terminal applications to overcome their challenges, improve efficiency, and move more!

1. Raising visibility for second rail handling

See how Hyster helped Hupac raise visibility for second rail container handling with a ReachStacker that features an innovative elevating cab, alongside other helpful features to support productivity. Talk to your local Hyster® dealer about solutions for overcoming the challenges of your specific port or inland terminal application.

2. Beneath the surface – Hyster® ReachStacker for barge handling

A Hyster® ReachStacker specially adapted for barge handling can help operations along the Danube go ‘beneath the surface’ with negative lift capability as well as the stability, toughness and efficiency you’d expect from your Hyster® truck. See it in action at ROC Waalwijk in the Netherlands. What’s your challenge?

3. New generation operator cabin

The latest cabin for Hyster® Empty Container Handlers sets new industry standards giving operators enhanced visibility, control, and ergonomic benefits. But don’t just take our word for it! See it in action!

4. Setting down a container on the 2nd rail

How do you set down a container on the 2nd rail when you can’t see the bottom corner pockets from your Hyster® ReachStacker cabin? One solution, developed by the Hyster Special Engineering team, is boom and spreader hydraulics that can be precisely remote controlled from outside the cabin. Watch this video to see this innovation in action! Could this help your operation?

5. The ultimate double handling partner

Container handling companies are continuously pushed to strive for more efficiency and reduce the cost per container move. Hyster has worked closely with customers to refine and continually improve its Empty Container Handlers to help reduce costs, with significant productivity advantages, an excellent return on investment and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

For more information visit the Hyster website or contact your local Hyster® distribution partner.

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