GOOD DESIGN Award For Two Hyster® Lift Trucks

17th March 2021

Two Hyster® lift trucks – the Hyster® H16XD-6 heavy duty lift truck and the Hyster® J3.0XNL lithium-ion electric forklift – have been announced as winners of The Chicago Athenaeum 2020 GOOD DESIGN Award.

Award winning Hyster® Big Truck

The Hyster® H16XD-6 Big Truck, built at the Hyster plant in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, was recognised for a new cab and front end design focused on visibility and ergonomics to help operators perform to the best of their abilities all shift long. The tough truck is engineered to meet the demands of intensive applications such as pipe handling, general and crated cargo, break-bulk, lumber, steel, concrete, and stevedoring.

The high-capacity lift truck features a redesigned mast and carriage to create a wider window of view through the carriage, providing greater visibility of fork tips at ground level and trailer height. The new cab prioritises ergonomics and ease of use from start to finish.

The largest cabin entry area in the industry enables easy entry and exit, while a unique foot pedal design enables operators to keep hands on the wheel as they find the right operating position. A seven-inch full-colour integrated performance display provides key truck performance data and access to on-board diagnostics in one clear screen.

Innovative Hyster® lithium-ion forklift

The Hyster® J3.0XNL was recognised for breaking new ground as a counterbalance lift truck engineered around a space-saving, fully integrated lithium-ion battery pack. Unlike battery box replacements that retrofit existing designs, the J3.0XNL forklift is designed from the ground up to take advantage of lithium-ion battery power, freeing up space in the operator compartment and reducing truck weight for significant ergonomic, emissions, and performance benefits.

The J3.0XNL weighs less than the equivalent lead-acid battery powered model and has a lower centre of gravity. These characteristics enable improved acceleration and manoeuvrability, with reduced energy consumption during long runs in demanding applications.

What is the GOOD DESIGN Award?

The Chicago Athenaeum’s GOOD DESIGN awards programme honours products and industry leaders in design and manufacturing that have chartered new directions for innovation and pushed the envelope for competitive products in the world marketplace.

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