Give me five! To the side…

19th October 2016

With approximately half of all electric trucks being sold with more than one battery for exchange between shifts, it is no wonder that Hyster has developed five ways to make it even simpler to exchange the battery on its 1.5 to 3.5 tonne J series trucks. In fact, it is reported that it is possible to make the exchange with ease in under three minutes using the latest side extraction option.

Meanwhile, some customers still prefer to use their overhead crane, so Hyster now offers five different options on the three wheeled J1 .5-2.0XNT series and the four wheeled J1 .6-2.0XN and J2.2-3.5XN series’.

  • Horizontal battery exchange – with a separate forklift

Uninterrupted access to the side of the truck makes changing the battery easy with a separate forklift. Accessed via a hinged, 180° fold-back door on the J1 .5-2.0XNT and J1 .6-2.0XN series’ or removable side panels on the J2.2-3.5XN, a standard forklift truck can remove the battery by using the fork pockets in the truck frame.

This option is likely to be used where several fork lift trucks are used on the one site.

  • Horizontal battery exchange – with a battery exchange stacker

Hyster specially designed a Powered Battery Exchange Stacker S2.4 HBE predominantly for customers with no existing infrastructure to allow battery exchange. The battery sits in a battery tray and this is lifted in and out of the truck as one. The battery and tray is placed down on the battery stand while it is recharged. This convenient option ensures that exchange can be achieved in under 3 minutes.

  • Horizontal battery exchange – with removable side panels using rollers

Businesses that have already made the investment in the necessary roller beds and ancillary equipment will also benefit from easy access to the side of the trucks.

  • Vertical battery exchange – using an overhead crane

Where the facility already has an overhead crane installed, the slot in the overhead guard of the forklift allows easy access for the crane to lift the battery in and out.

  • Vertical battery exchange – using integrated fork lifting eyes

Alternatively, integrated fork lifting eyes can be used for battery exchange when no overhead crane is available.

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