8th June 2022

The global network of Hyster® distribution partners is ready to support you in Powering Your Possibilities.  Here are five ways you can get the most from your relationship with your Hyster dealer.

  • Involve your dealer at the planning stage.

Your Hyster dealer is there to help you achieve your objectives, whether that is to improve efficiency or reduce your Total Cost of Ownership.  Involving your dealer partner at the start of a project helps them understand your challenges, so they can recommend the best Hyster solutions from the outset.

“By working together, our aim is to not only develop the perfect solution for the customer needs, but to also offer sales, rental, and service, as a one-stop shop,” says Jochen Kotschenreuther, CEO of Kotschenreuther, the Hyster dealer for northern Bavaria in Germany. “With our highly exclusive ‘Kotschenreuther Experience World’ we are breaking new ground in the forklift business! It enables the customer to see, touch, and test a range of forklift technologies, including more than 100 products, with mobile racking for aisle-width simulation and industry 4.0 approaches.”

  • Communicate your objectives.

Speak to your Hyster dealer about your operational goals, instead of just a wish list of equipment you think you might need.  Your dealer can then suggest solutions that may help you achieve your objectives and deliver measurable success. You’ll get access to the dealer’s extensive expertise and understanding of different types of applications.

Long-standing Hyster dealer in the GCC region, Kanoo Machinery, believes in the capability of the full Hyster product range, confident that Hyster can push the industry forwards. They operate on the ethos of providing excellent service and added value to customer operations through collaboration and innovative products.  Don’t just think about the Hyster materials handling equipment and how much it costs. Long term productivity and efficiency goals should be considered to realise optimal benefits and maximise productivity.

  • Show rather than tell (if you can).

There is no better way for your Hyster dealer to understand your particular application’s challenges than by inviting them on site to see your facility and meet key people, including lift truck operators.  So, if you can, give them a walk-through of your operations, as well as your maintenance and service setup.

For the best advice, be sure that the information you share is accurate and up to date in terms of how your equipment is used and how your material flows work.  This also helps dealers to provide you more efficiently with repairs and servicing.

  • Keep in touch.

Many dealer/customer relationships span years or decades.  It’s important to not only talk when you’re looking to make a new order or your fleet’s lease is coming to an end. If elements of your material handling operations change, so may your requirements. Keep speaking to your Hyster dealer so they can continue to offer advice to optimise your fleet and maintain the level of support that you need.

“Working together, Briggs Equipment and Hyster are focused on developing sustainable solutions for a wide range of applications. We’re constantly reviewing the return on investment for our customers’ operations as we look to enhance the long-term partnership between Briggs and our customer,” says Briggs Equipment, Hyster dealer for the UK and Ireland.

  • Be open minded.

Hyster dealers are working with a wide range of customers and applications.  This makes them well positioned to bring real-life experience of what does (or doesn’t) work to your business.  Your dealer may know of a cost-effective Hyster solution that you haven’t considered, or maybe aren’t even aware of. There is often more than one solution that could work for you.

Be open to change, as the lift trucks you always had before, may no longer be the best choice today.

Get advice from your Hyster dealer?

It’s time to start thinking of a forklift dealer as more than a place to buy or lease a lift truck (or a way to get it serviced or repaired).

Hyster dealers are solution providers, helping customers to meet their needs. Not only do they provide a range of Hyster materials handling equipment, but they also offer automation options, telematics, power solutions, fleet management systems, and financing packages. Above all, they offer their insight and advice to benefit your application.

Where is my local Hyster dealer?

Locate your nearest Hyster dealer now to discuss your needs and start a beneficial, long-term partnership.

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