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12th December 2022

The right power source underpins everything you do in your materials handling operation. Hyster has the resources and intelligence to identify the right power sources for lift trucks, and provide it as well.

Hyster Power Match

There’s a lot to consider when evaluating power options for forklift fleets. For instance,

  • Are you using the most efficient source for your fleet?
  • Are regulations pressuring you to re-evaluate?
  • With so many new technologies, is it time to modernise?

Hyster Power Match™ gives you the expert insight and proven experience you need to pinpoint the trucks and power sources that can help address your specific materials-handling needs.

Watch this video to learn more.

Are lithium-ion batteries your perfect match?

For those that need a solution with no harmful emissions, lithium-ion batteries can be a good match. They also offer the benefits that no special charging or maintenance rooms are required, as lithium-ion batteries for Hyster® forklifts require no maintenance or equalisation. Lithium-ion Hyster lift trucks can also offer consistent power, with the convenience of fast, opportunity charging to aid productivity.  Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of lithium-ion power.

However, these trucks may require a more intense electrical grid burden for certain size fleets and charging intervals.

Can lead-acid batteries power your possibilities?

Many applications are already using dependable Hyster electric forklifts powered by lead-acid batteries, with the required battery storage, charging infrastructure, and maintenance processes. Though they do produce fumes requiring ventilation during charging, they also provide no emissions during operation.

Batteries may take longer to charge than many lithium-ion counterparts but can be exchanged during operation to optimise uptime. Hyster electric forklifts are tough enough for outdoor as well as indoor use.

Should your operation be powered by internal combustion engine forklifts?

Internal combustion or IC forklifts are a good match for certain application requirements. Fuelling and storage infrastructure is generally located outside the facility, meaning no valuable space is lost inside a warehouse. Refuelling is also simple and fast, and trucks offer consistent power delivery. Maintenance is required regularly, but not on a daily basis.

However, IC lift trucks do produce emissions and tend to be better suited for outdoor and highly ventilated environments.

Get the Power to Move Ahead

Our new webpage dedicated to forklift power options will help you find your match and power your fleet.

Contact a Hyster Power Match expert or speak to your local Hyster dealer to learn more.

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