Get the Job Done With Hyster in Manufacturing and Logistics

19th May 2020

Robust and reliable Hyster® lift trucks are an ideal choice for getting the job done in warehouse and logistics applications. The full Hyster® product portfolio includes a comprehensive range of more than 140 models of counterbalance trucks, warehouse trucks and more.

Here are some examples of how Hyster® trucks support different customer needs in manufacturing, warehousing and logistics.

Cost-effective warehouse trucks for retail

Hyster Europe has extended its range of warehouse equipment with a new uncomplicated and cost-effective range of pallet and stacker trucks, ideal for general-purpose retail operations.

With a capacity of 2.0T and variable speed control, the new Hyster® P2.0UT S Platform Pallet Truck is ideal for pallet transportation over short and long distances. The small turning radius also makes it suitable for lorry loading and unloading, with electric steering available as an option.

For stacking pallets in the warehouse, retail operations can now choose the new “no-nonsense” Hyster® S1.5UT Pedestrian Stacker Truck. Different mast options include a 2-stage NFL up to 3.5m and 3-stage FFL up to 5.6m and the low centre of gravity enhances stability at full height.

Saving space in food and beverage operations

The compact Hyster® Reach Truck series is perfectly suited to warehouses where space is at a premium, such as those commonly found in food and beverage applications. These operations typically have tight spaces, so the truck includes a mast which can be tilted back.

By tilting the mast, the Hyster® R1.0E, 1.2E and 1.4E Reach Trucks provide greater manoeuvrability, saving all-important centimetres so the truck can handle stock in even narrower aisles. An integral side shift and compact chassis design also help improve productivity, as even in tight spaces, goods can be stored and retrieved efficiently.

These compact Hyster® Reach Truck models are designed for lifting up to 1400kg and reaching heights of up to 7.5m and offer toughness, visibility, driveability and ease of control, as well as a comfortable operator compartment.

Hyster® lift trucks for logistics

Logistics operations can now benefit from a new range of reliable cost-effective Hyster® lift trucks thanks to the launch of the general-purpose H2.0-3.5UT lift truck series.

With an uncomplicated design, the 2-3.5-tonne capacity lift trucks are well suited to the needs of many general-purpose handling operations, particularly lower intensity operations.

The no-nonsense Hyster® UT lift trucks come with a range of standard features to help drivers get on with the job, whether stacking in the warehouse or loading lorries. Various forks and carriages, including integrated side shift options, as well as a range of masts, including tilt options, are available to suit real-world operating needs with maximum fork heights up to 5500mm.

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