Forklift Trend: Lift Trucks for Lower Intensity Operations

3rd November 2020

Companies are increasingly paying attention to cost when buying forklift trucks, not only as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. When purchasing a new truck, businesses are considering exactly which type of truck is really needed and are increasingly choosing cost-effective forklift trucks and warehouse equipment for simple applications.

Choosing the right truck is a challenge. In the past, companies often ordered premium trucks that exceeded their needs. Then, the idea was to choose a truck that would definitely meet their requirements, but in practice, this approach led to the use of industrial trucks that did far more than required.

Cost saving measures lead to rethinking

Cost saving measures have led to a rethink in many companies. For example, in Germany, forklifts for simple applications now represent around 25 percent of the market, and the trend is growing. Across Europe, companies are becoming increasingly cost-conscious and are examining very carefully which forklifts they use for which applications.

Added to this is the fact that not all functions of a premium forklift are always needed. Options for special attachments, such as control systems, may never be required for a truck. This is why some companies are opting instead for forklifts that meet their exact needs.

For instance, the Hyster® UT series lift trucks and warehouse equipment may be chosen for operations where the truck will be in use for only a few hours per day and or in less-arduous applications. Examples include a small warehouse or store where a low number of lorries are loaded or unloaded, a counterbalance truck at a provincial airport handling loads from just a couple of flights a day, or a truck in the workshop of a small company.

New Hyster® electric lift trucks

Hyster Europe has extended its range of electric counterbalance lift trucks with UT series models for lifts up to 3.5 tonnes. The four-wheel J1.5-3.5UT are among the latest models. Designed to be simple to use and easy to maintain, the new electric Hyster® lift trucks provide affordability and reliability across industry.

A familiar automotive layout alongside superb manoeuvrability and control make these uncomplicated electric forklifts well suited to the needs of many different handling operations. They are ideally positioned to complement the existing range of Hyster® lift trucks and warehouse equipment.

The new electric Hyster® UT lift trucks offer an ergonomically designed operator compartment with controls in easy reach. A clear LCD display provides the driver with easy access to all the data needed. Thanks to a wide mast window, drivers benefit from excellent visibility while a robust mast provides stability. Meanwhile, fast lifting and lowering speeds and travel speeds of up to 16km/h help drivers to get the job done quickly and easily.

With simple components and clever design elements, such as an easily removable on-piece floor plate and quick release battery hood and controller cover, when matched with the right application and operating intensity, the trucks can minimise both service time and costs.

Warehouse business is growing

Warehouse operations are expected to grow. This growth in the retail sector is being driven primarily by the flourishing e-commerce market, but there is also great growth potential in the food sector. As a result, the demand for warehouse equipment for simple applications may also increase. That is why Hyster has now added pallet and stacker trucks for lower intensity applications to its existing range of warehouse products. These new trucks are ideal for use in small warehouses or shops where only a few goods need to be transported and stored every day.

The new Hyster® S1.5UT S platform pallet truck, for example, is ideal for pallet transportation over short and long distances. The small turning radius also makes it suitable for lorry loading and unloading, with electric steering available as an option.

Low cost of operation

For stacking pallets in the warehouse or picking operations, operators can choose the new Hyster® S1.5UT pedestrian stacker truck. These practical Hyster® warehouse products deliver a low cost of operation and an affordable alternative for fulfilling general-purpose requirements in warehouse operations.

Durable and fit for purpose, UT lift trucks are built to Hyster® quality standards, for a long working life using robust components. With maintenance free AC motors across the range, the trucks are waterproof and dust-proof and use CANbus technology to reduce wiring complexity. Service and support of the new Hyster® UT Series trucks is done through the Hyster® dealer network.

Hyster® forklifts to meet your budget and application needs

Make the most of your budget. Talk to your local Hyster® dealer now to discuss the best equipment options for your specific operation and operating intensity.

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