3 metal goods manufacturing challenges Hyster electric trucks help overcome

3rd February 2020

Here are some helpful tips for manufacturing operations transforming metals such as aluminium, copper or zinc into finished goods, from tiny components to car parts. We look at three challenges that Hyster® equipment can help overcome:

Challenge 1: Handling metal coils

For operations manufacturing metal goods, the first handling challenge may be receiving the delivery of small metal coils on a trailer.  Here Hyster® lift trucks can help to unload the coils from the lorry and transport these to the warehouse. 

A typical lift truck used for this operation is the durable Hyster® J3.5XN four-wheel electric forklift, which is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. It features a robust chassis and strong side covers that offer protection against possible impact damage.

Thanks to three-phase motor technology for the drive and lift, the Hyster® electric forklifts are particularly well-suited to demanding applications during long shifts. Easily accessible components and onboard diagnostics also help reduce downtime.

Challenge 2: Transporting metal coils to the production line


When metal coils need to be collected from warehouse storage and taken to the production line, there is a choice of Hyster® solutions to help.

Some applications overcome this challenge with a Reach Truck, such as the Hyster® R2.5. This includes an ergonomic driver’s cab with efficient operation via touch screen and joystick, as well as an adjustable steering column for comfort. Others may opt for Hyster® Low, Medium or High-Level Order Pickers.

Either way, these electric trucks benefit from zero-emissions and tend to operate more quietly than diesel trucks on the market, contributing to a more pleasant warehouse working environment.

There is also the potential for applications to automate this task with affordable Hyster® Robotic solutions, such as tow tractors, pedestrian counterbalance trucks and low-level order pickers, which are suited for repetitive tasks.

Challenge 3: Handling finished metal products

When metal components or products are complete, they will typically need to be collected from the production line and loaded into lorries for onward transport. These finished goods may be packed onto pallets or handled directly on forks.

The challenge at this stage is manoeuvrability, as space in the production area and the loading bay is often at a premium. Three-wheeled Hyster® electric lift trucks are a great solution. For example, the tough, ergonomic J2.0XNT model, with a two-tonne capacity, has a Zero Turning Radius (ZTR) axle that provides a narrow turning circle, allowing the forklift to be used in narrow aisles and on busy loading and unloading ramps. 


Lift trucks with a low cost of ownership

Metal handling operations can be demanding. However, by choosing the right trucks to meet the specific needs at every stage in the production and supply chain, metal applications can reduce damage, increase efficiency and achieve a low total cost of ownership.

For further information, visit www.hyster.com or find your local Hyster® distribution partner.

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