Extensive test cycle ensures quality for Hyster big trucks

10th August 2017

How does Hyster test its equipment in the factory before sending it into a live application environment for practical testing? At the factory in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, where Hyster® Big Trucks are developed, one way is by using carefully selected test and measurement equipment during extensive testing cycles.

Hyster® Big Trucks, including high capacity forklift trucks and container handlers, range from 8-52 tonne lift capacity and are used in various demanding applications such as in ports and terminals, transport and logistics or manufacturing operations, as well as the construction and food and drinks sectors.

Following detailed product development in Nijmegen, prototype Hyster® Big Trucks are built and then subjected to extensive practical test cycles. For instance, one test uses strain gauges from HBM, to measure the loads on chassis and masts accurately. Laser sensors and load cells are used for measuring tensile forces, while the height and position of the mast are measured using angle sensors and displacement sensors.

Testing also includes monitoring fuel consumption, oil pressure in the hydraulic and steering system, GPS data and other truck operation details. 95% of all vehicle data from the practical tests, can be collected, processed and reported on. Generally, measurement data from the sensors is communicated via the CANbus system in the forklift truck or container handler, then stored in a data logger or sent wirelessly, either to the test site or directly to a PC in Nijmegen for analysis.

After testing, trucks and their components are sometimes taken apart for further analysis, of wear and tear for example. This information, combined with data collected from testing, can then be used to validate the product design, help in the development of new products and ensure that the correct test conditions can be simulated for other products.

Dedication to quality is at the heart of every Hyster® product, and testing plays a vital part in sustaining this. For more information about the quality processes involved in the manufacture of tough Hyster® trucks speak to your local Hyster® dealer.

To view the range of Hyster® Big Trucks, visit www.hyster.eu.

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