Enjoy the View With New Mast Option for Hyster® Electric Forklifts

21st July 2020

The Hyster Special Engineering Team can now provide a new wide view mast option for selected Hyster® J2.5XN electric counterbalance truck models with two-stage full free lift masts.

The wide view mast option has been specially developed to enhance the electric forklift operator’s forward visibility.

Optimal through mast visibility

Where the operation demands it, the wide view mast can be implemented to increase the width between the mast channels by 352 mm (177 mm on each side). As a result, the through-mast visibility is enhanced when driving forward with or without a load, and when manoeuvring the truck in a forward motion.

Enhanced fork tip view

In some operations, lift truck operators spend a large part of their process time positioning the fork angle and adjusting the height of the forks when engaging and disengaging a load.

With the new wide view mast, enhanced fork tip visibility may provide the operator with greater visual awareness when engaging and disengaging a load.

Wide carriage

A choice of wide view 1070mm carriage options are available with the mast, including options with sideshift and/or fork positioner depending on your particular application needs.

This specially engineered option is available only with selected Hyster® J2.5XN forklift models.

Tough 4-wheel electric Hyster forklift

The Hyster® J2.5XN forklift is tough and reliable, with class-leading energy efficiency for a low cost of operation.

This electric forklift counterbalanced truck operates through long demanding shifts thanks to the powerful AC motor technology used for traction and hoist, with built-in thermal management system, and a CANbus communications network featured in the electrical system.

It includes a robust chassis as standard, alongside reliable components with a long operational life.

The Hyster® J2.2-3.5XN lift truck with wide view mast is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications in the logistics, food and drink, manufacturing and timber industries, and more.

What’s your challenge?

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