Easy overload detection for Hyster lift trucks

6th February 2018

Handling loads with variable or unknown weights can be a challenge for many operations. The Hyster® solutions team can help.

A special overload detection system can be integrated with Hyster® forklift trucks, as well as pallet and warehouse trucks, to provide an indicator of weight and stability of a load.

The solution offers continuous weight and stability measurements, but importantly alerts the operator when the truck is approaching, or has reached, overload conditions. This is done visually, via a clear message on the LCD display and a series of green, amber and red lights, and audibly, with a buzzer alarm.


As well as helping drivers avoid handling loads that are too heavy, the system logs overload incidents.  Managers can then use this information to help utilise their fleet more effectively, improving efficiency while reducing damage and downtime. The system is easy to use and is manufactured by mobile weighing solutions specialist Ravas.

Limit speed at certain weights!

To further support efficient operation, the Hyster® solutions team can combine the weighing system with speed limitation technology.  With either roof sensing speed limitation, or RFID speed limitation located in the warehouse floor, applications can automatically limit the speed of the trucks when loads reach a certain weight.  This can in turn help minimise damage to the truck, load or warehouse infrastructure.

What’s your challenge?

Visit www.hyster.eu for more information on which tough Hyster® trucks and smart solutions will overcome the challenges of your demanding application.

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