Easy attachments for Hyster lift trucks

8th March 2019

With new “factory-fit” attachment options from Hyster Europe, it’s easier and quicker than ever for operations to select a complete handling solution that meets specific application needs.

Preparation time is reduced, and trucks come complete with all hoses and pipe work. What’s more, all of the attachments in the Hyster® factory-fit programme benefit from a 2 year, or 4000-hour, warranty.

Multi-pallet handler for Hyster® forklifts

Whether an application handles UK/CHEP pallets or EURO pallets, a double pallet handling attachment, made by Meyer, is now available on new Hyster® lift trucks, directly from the factory.

Coupled with a reliable Hyster® forklift, tuned to help the attachment work at its best, the multi pallet handler helps boost productivity, with quicker loading, unloading and transfer of goods.  In particular, beverage and logistics operations are expected to benefit from the all-round benefits of the multi-pallet handler.

There are six different model options available, three are compatible for UK/CHEP pallets and three for EURO pallets. These multi-pallet handlers are suitable for both IC and electric 2-4.5t Hyster® lift trucks.

Multi-pallet handler for Hyster® forklifts

Rotator attachment for Hyster® lift trucks

New IC or electric Hyster® lift trucks with 2 to 3.5 tonne lift capacity can now be fitted with a 360° rotator attachment at the factory. Built by Bolzoni, the rotator attachment can be added to a Hyster® lift truck to provide the ideal solution for applications with a need to partially or fully rotate loads, for example when emptying boxes of waste or recycling into a larger outdoor skip bin.

There are four different models available offering a wide range of capacities and options to suit the application, including particular foundry and fishery versions.  Regardless of the industry, the robust attachment allows drivers to rotate loads by activating one hydraulic function inside the cab, providing fast, continuous rotation both ways.

Rotator attachment for Hyster® lift trucks

Attachments matched to your industry

These are just a couple of examples of Hyster® forklift attachments that can benefit intense industry applications. 

To learn more about attachments, solutions and customisations that can complement your Hyster® lift truck and boost operational efficiency, talk to your Hyster® dealer.

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