Container Terminal Stacks Six High With Hyster® Reachstackers

30th March 2021

Ray-Mont Logistics in Canada provides seamless integrated logistics solutions to facilitate the international trade of containerised cargo. Its terminals handle and containerise agricultural products, plastic resins as well as other commodities.

To handle the growing container volumes, Ray-Mont sought to maximise capacity at each of its three terminals. To do so, the company applied high density warehousing principles to the port terminal setting – building up, rather than out – stacking six containers high to maximize storage square footage.

To keep containers moving efficiently, Ray-Mont chose Hyster® ReachStackers, built at the Hyster® Big Trucks plant in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, capable of stacking six containers high and standing up to harsh duty cycles.

See Hyster® ReachStackers in action at Ray-Mont Logistics.

Hyster® ReachStackers are a central tool in Ray-Mont’s container handling operation to load and unload trains, move containers in and out of storage and more. The company runs its ReachStackers over 5,000 hours every year and handles 1,550 containers every day. Its operation runs 24/7 and handles 560,000 containers annually.

“For us, the ability to stack six containers high is a mission critical capability, but most Reachstacker suppliers shy away from that,” says Michael Cantera-Larkin, Vice President, Terminal Operations, Ray-Mont Logistics. “Combine that with the necessary level of versatility for our operators to work efficiently and meet performance requirements in our storage framework, and that’s what we need.”

The Hyster® RS46 ReachStacker can also turn containers 180 degrees and move containers at a 45-degree angle, bringing the versatility operators require to work effectively in high, tight storage layouts.

Contact our Ports and Terminals experts or your local Hyster® dealer to discuss the best solutions for your particular operation.

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