Complete Fleet Visibility With Hyster® Wireless Asset Management

10th August 2020

Hyster Tracker, the turnkey wireless telematics management solution, delivers comparable data from across your fleet, giving you the insights that help you cut costs and improve productivity. But how does it work?

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Connected fleet management with Hyster Tracker

The Hyster Tracker wireless fleet management solution provides you with complete fleet visibility, helping you make informed decisions to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

With Hyster Tracker, you can accurately monitor every single piece of equipment in your fleet. The web-based portal gives you secure access to all the relevant information at any time, while the Hyster Tracker mobile app helps you stay connected to your fleet on the move with instant alerts.

Manage forklift impacts and maximise uptime

Impact detection on the Hyster Tracker fleet management tool reports, displays and logs impacts as they occur, giving you the information you need to improve site safety and reduce damage.

The remote hour meter lets you view and manage key performance indicator data by truck, fleet and location. You can also use equipment diagnostics and alerts to respond quickly and accurately to fault codes on Hyster® equipment for maximum up-time.

GPS location shows all your equipment on one easy to use map. It even provides you with the location and time of impacts.

Keep control of your forklift fleet

The Hyster Tracker telematics solution also utilises geofencing technology, allowing you to monitor equipment access to restricted areas. GPS motion plots equipment movement on a map by consistently tracking location timestamps and speed.

With wireless access control you can also manage operator access rights, helping you to make certain that only certified and trained operators are using your equipment. Authorised operators can access equipment quickly and easily by simply swiping their card.

Support pre-use forklift checks

The wireless verification options with Hyster Tracker automatically disciplines operators to conduct mandatory checks prior to truck start up and use. Checklist responses and completion times can all be monitored in the Hyster Tracker portal.

Next level fleet management insights

With additional options such as Tyre Pressure Management and Battery Fleet Management you can take your fleet insight to the next level with the Hyster Tracker asset management solution.

By creating structural efficiencies and cost savings for your materials handling operation, the Hyster Tracker fleet management solution can start saving you money right away.

Download the Hyster Tracker brochure to learn more or speak to your local Hyster® distribution partner.

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