13th October 2021

Adding clean power to your fleet has never been easier. With a choice of high-capacity electric Hyster lift trucks, Hyster can help operations reduce emissions, fuel consumption, and maintenance costs while boosting performance and efficiency for intensive industries.

Clean power for ports

Meeting greater demands and tighter timelines can mean additional operating costs, congestion at ports and terminals, and increased productivity pressures. Hyster® electric high-capacity lift trucks can help you tackle tough challenges head-on with comparable strength and performance to ICE-powered trucks.

Clean power for wood

Continuing to use old equipment is a fast way to kill your profit. Hyster electric big trucks deliver strength, dependability, and energy efficiency to help you keep costs under control, even with operations in the harshest environments.

Clean power for steel

From sheet coils and slabs to wire coils and pipes, Hyster electric lift trucks handle them all with ease and efficiency. That goes for any steel application, whether it’s hot or cold, flat band or wire, processed or unprocessed.

Clean power for construction

The demand for high quality building materials is always on the rise. Move fast to cope with the market needs. Agile Hyster electric trucks for heavy loads deliver high productivity, even in constrained areas, to help you remain efficient and competitive while maximising profit.

Why now?

Green objectives are important to many businesses which are exploring ways to reduce their carbon footprint and make their operations more sustainable. That’s why as technology evolves, so do Hyster lift truck power options.

Hyster is leading the way with solutions that help businesses to add electric big trucks to their fleets without sacrificing on productivity. Many applications may find that electric Hyster lift trucks are a good alternative to diesel trucks, both environmentally and economically.

Key lithium-ion lift truck solutions that offer ICE-like power include:

Hyster® Electric Big Trucks offer exceptional traction power, acceleration, and visibility that will make operators feel like they’re driving a diesel.  This truck series, for lifts up to 18-tonnes, feature integrated lithium-ion power and robust design.

Tough, lithium-ion powered trucks with capacity up to 9-tonnes and a low cost of operation. Virtually maintenance free with a spacious operator cab, this series of tough electric trucks is ideal for use by intense industries.

Powered by an integrated high voltage lithium-ion battery that provides long periods of truck operation before the need for recharging. These powerful lithium-ion powered trucks deliver excellent manoeuvrability with a reduced truck weight and combine energy efficiency and performance.

Make a Change for the Better with Hyster

The right power source will always depend on the specific needs of your particular application. So, if you’re considering electrifying your fleet, you can learn more in our white papers, or contact our experts now.

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