9th November 2021

There are many tough industry applications where tall loads can obscure driver visibility. Whether you’re using IC or Electric Hyster® lift trucks, the specially engineered Hyster Raised Cabin solution can help support productivity.

What’s the challenge?

Good visibility for forklift operators is essential for keeping employees and the workforce safe. The Hyster raised operator cabin solution is a benefit to industries such as paper, retail, logistics, chemicals, timber, food, and beverage, where the operators view of surroundings may be impaired by large loads.

Application spotlight: Beverage industry
The raised operator solution for Hyster lift trucks is of particular benefit to businesses operating in beverage applications, whether in the manufacturing plant, brewery, or warehouse environment.

Once the product is ready for distribution it requires transportation to its final destination. The product mix is varied, and tall loads are stored and stacked at height. The size of the load can often obscure the driver’s visibility, which can lead to the operator having to drive in reverse.

The Hyster raised operator cab

Regardless of industry, the raised cabin solution from the Hyster Special Engineering team can help to enhance visibility over tall loads, while supporting operator comfort.

Improved forward visibility may help to lessen the operator fatigue caused by reverse driving.  An additional step and grab handle also help to aid and simplify operator access.

Maintenance is simplified thanks to a one-piece hinged side door for easy service access.

Tailored to your application

This innovative solution is available on all ranges from 2.5 – 5.5 tonnes with no capacity de-ration.When you specify a Hyster IC forklift or Hyster electric lift truck with a raised cab, there are a number of other options you can select to match your equipment to your specific application’s challenges. Options include:

  • Different seat heights
  • Battery exchange options
  • Overhead guard or full cab
  • Pneumatic Shaped Solid (PSS) tyres
  • Hydraulic accumulator

Time for a different perspective

Talk to your local Hysterdealer today or contact our Industry Solutions team to discuss your specific requirements and challenges.

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