27th July 2021

Hafenbetriebsgesellschaft Braunschweig :CONTAINER HANDLING

Hafenbetriebsgesellschaft Braunschweig mbH is a logistics and forwarding company that provides a range of logistics services. The company has been using Hyster® trucks to handle empty and laden containers at their site in the Port of Braunschweig since 2005. To maintain uptime, machines are replaced (or used as a stand-by machine) after 15,000 hours.

The handling of freight containers from trucks and trains takes place at the site, with container handlers working 6 days a week, equivalent to 2,500 hours per year. 927,478 tonnes of cargo are handled from ship to shore and 41,185 tonnes of cargo is handled by rail at their terminal. There was a 9% growth in container handling from 2018 to 2019 with 77,346 TEU handled in 2019.

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Hyster® ReachStackers created for heavy loads

The Hyster® RS46-33CH ReachStacker and RS46-33IH Intermodal Handler can handle loads of up to 40 tonnes to a lift height of more than 12 metres.

The 2 Hyster® RS46-33CH container handlers and the RS46-33IH for handling containers and trailers, ensure maximum flexibility throughout the company’s various handling activities as they can stack laden containers up to 5 high in the first row.

The Vista cab design on the Hyster® ReachStacker provides panoramic visibility, in the most demanding and intense container terminals with a clear view of the top of the container. The truck also features a dual-reduction drive axle and hydraulic brakes with a cooling system, which ensure reliability and low maintenance costs.

Weighing and Telematics

To meet weighing requirements, the trucks also have the added benefit of the Hyster® Static+ weighing system. At the touch of a button, the operator can activate a pre-programmed lift cycle to obtain Gross, Tare and Net weights. There is no workflow disruption as container weighing can occur during truck manoeuvring and is highly accurate.

The trucks are also fitted with the Hyster® Tracker telematics system which can be used to monitor truck utilisation. Key equipment data such as picks per hour and fuel consumption are available immediately while GPS helps locate your equipment. Together, this can help to ensure optimum management of the fleet to reduce costs.

To reduce over-servicing and maximise uptime, operations can schedule maintenance based on actual hours with the Hyster Tracker periodic maintenance tracker and receive alerts when impacts or diagnostic fault codes occur.

Operations can stay connected to their fleet and access information instantly at or by using the mobile app.

Outstanding Service

“The relationship between Hafenbetriebsgesellschaft Braunschweig mbH and GS-Gabelstapler Service GmbH has been in place for 15 years. The reason for buying a Hyster® ReachStacker goes hand in hand with the reason for this long-standing cooperation: the service from the dealer,” says Mr. Hohls, Managing Director, Hafenbetriebsgesellschaft Braunschweig mbH.

The strong network of Hyster® service partners across Germany helps to ensure maximum uptime. If required, parts can be delivered within one day from the nearby Hyster® trucks factory in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

“The regional proximity to the customer is a major factor in the development of a partnership between Hafenbetriebsgesellschaft Braunschweig mbH and GS-Gabelstapler Service GmbH,” says Hohls.

He continues: “For Hafenbetriebsgesellschaft Braunschweig mbH, service drives the decision to purchase a Hyster® machine. After all, service ensures that the equipment works, and the port can carry out its activities. A short response time for service requests and spare parts procurement as well as quick implementation on site are all important – if it is stuck, it’ll get fixed fast.”

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Hyster can support your container handling operation too

For more information on specifying a Hyster® lift truck or container handler that’s right for your empty or laden container handling application, contact the experts at your local Hyster® distribution partner now or visit our specialist Port and Terminal industry page on the Hyster website.

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