15th March 2022

When it comes to productivity for your materials handling operation, the forklift operator is key. When the operator is provided with an ergonomically designed and comfortable environment, productivity often follows. That’s why the right choice of lift truck cab is essential in busy and demanding applications.

There are many ways to tailor your Hyster® lift truck and cab to meet your needs, from seating to heating to controls. But did you know you can also specifya specially- engineered cabin option?

XC forklift cabin from Hyster for visibility

The XC operator cab available from Hyster has been designed to deliver optimal driver comfort and visibility, helping you to enhance productivity.

Ideal for operator comfort


Working at a reduced noise level may contribute greatly to operator comfort and focus, which both support productivity. The specially designed, isolated cabin helps to protect the driver from noise and vibrations from the truck itself, as well as keeping unwanted noise from the operating environment at a minimum. In fact, the cabin also features vibration dampers and extensive use of noise cancelling materials. 

The high-quality seat and controls layout inside the Hyster XC cabin provides a comfortable working environment to stimulate productivity, including a state-of-the-art heating system and openable top and rear windows.  A reading lamp in the roof and on the front pillar are included with the operator’s needs in mind, while LED lights front and back and tun-signal lamps are also fitted as standard.  An easy-open battery hood also helps simplify battery maintenance requirements.

Specially engineered (SPED) in-cabin options are also available, including a robust air conditioning unit, a choice of multi-adjustable seats, a bracket to drive with the left or the right door open, and a roof and rear win­dow wiper, all contributing to operator comfort and productivity.

To help make charging quicker and more straightforward for the operator, optional comfort charging (placement of the connector for the charger and the battery fluid on the back of the counterweight) is also available.

Options for optimal visibility

A wide range of premium cabins can be fitted to the Hyster J2.5-3.5XN electric lift trucks, as well as Hyster J4.0-5.5XN electric forklifts.

The XC cabin range includes different variations to suit various forklift models and wide-ranging operation requirements.

As well as the base XC cabin option, there are versions for trucks with side-out batteries, a raised operator cabin model, and a lower cab designed for trucks moving loads in and out of containers. All are ergonomic and isolated from vibrations.

No matter which option is selected, with extensive use of glass, the cabin offers excellent all-round visibility for the operator, which is particularly beneficial when transporting tall, oversized, and bulky loads. This is a challenge for many businesses, from the timber industry through to beverage applications.

However, this premium, specially engineered cabin option can be specified to suit your particular application requirements, helping you to achieve enhanced productivity.  It may be particularly well suited for intense industry applications or any operation where driver comfort is a key factor.

Talk to your local Hyster distribution partner to find out more about this special cabin option, or your other choices for customising your Hyster lift truck fleet for your application-specific needs.

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