Buying a Reachstacker – What’s Important?

15th September 2020

Many businesses specifying container handling equipment for ports and terminals are looking increasingly for ‘green’ trucks, such as the zero emissions Hyster® Laden Container Handlers and Hyster® ReachStacker currently in development.

However, environmental targets aside, what attributes might you also wish to consider when purchasing a reachstacker?

1. Noise

The reduction of noise emissions is very important, particularly in inland terminals. Quieter operation is therefore a driver for many in the move towards electric trucks. However, the new 10.7L Stage V engine is also an ideal fit for the Hyster® ReachStacker, as the low-end torque reduces noise at inland terminals.

2. Versatility

For a lot of applications, versatility is a priority and helps with cost effective operations. To support this, Hyster® ReachStackers can be equipped with a Multi Toolchanger attachment. This enables one truck to be used for different purposes, by efficiently switching between different attachments – such as a spreader for container handling or a C-hook for handling steel coils.

3. Comfort

Comfort for operators is also key. Hyster® ReachStackers with new Stage V engines benefit from reduced cab vibration. These trucks also feature a new cockpit-style cab, which has been added to enhance the operator environment. The new cabin positions all truck information and controls at the driver’s fingertips.

Due to the seating design and large floor space, as well as heating and ventilation options to suit the climate, work is easier and more comfortable for operators. The cab is also designed for excellent visibility during driving, reversing, and manoeuvring. A number of add-ons to further assist operators are also available, such as camera systems which may be helpful to operators depending on the application.

4. Maximising uptime

Unsurprisingly, port applications look for equipment that support productivity and profitability with maximum uptime. Hyster® ReachStackers are highly reliable thanks to premium build quality and help deliver greater TEU throughput for increased operating profit. All Hyster trucks are supported by our excellent global network of local dealers, who provide comprehensive service support and have good parts availability where needed.

Hyster® Laden Container Handlers

5. Fleet management

Overall, we find that operations are looking to optimise their fleets wherever possible. The Hyster Tracker wireless fleet management system is supplied as standard on our ReachStackers and is used in port operations to provide customers with information that enables them to benefit from a low Total Cost of Ownership.

Hyster Tracker enables monitoring and management of operating hours, cost of operation, maintenance, fault codes and impacts. It also helps maintenance and repairs to be planned most effectively. We support this with a container yard planning service to help operations to optimise ground slots and match their fleet to the TEU throughput.

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