Bumpy, Dusty, High Shock-load operations

1st February 2017

Storing slabs, brick or block presents tough conditions for a lift truck. Typical concrete storage sites are mostly unpaved and bumpy and can sometimes cause “load bouncing” when transporting long and heavy loads, often with an attachment.

The strong Hyster® mast design is an important feature for bumpy sites, as seen on this 12 tonne capacity lift truck, the Hyster® H12XM-6. The robust frame and wide drive axle ensure ‘rock solid’ stability and long-term durability when handling loads at full capacity.

The strong design and robust quality of the Hyster® truck, mast and carriage also helps when in high shock load operations.

Dust can also be a problem in concrete yards where standard pre-filters may not be enough. That’s why Hyster offers an optional extended height pre-cleaner air intake to get less polluted air, as well as automatic greasing to push the dirt out.

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