Beneath the Surface: Barge Handling With Hyster® Reachstackers

2nd December 2020

Did you know that a Hyster® ReachStacker can be adapted to unload containers from a barge below the level of the quayside?

An inland terminal is where the transport mode of loads is changed. So, containers arriving via waterway on a barge, may need to be picked and loaded onto trailers or rail cars. The challenge in these applications is that the level of the container on a barge may be lower than the quayside, so ‘negative lift’ capability – the ability to lift the container from below ground level – is required.

The Hyster Special Engineering Team has supported many barge handling applications by equipping Hyster® ReachStackers with extension legs that enable containers to be lowered below ground level.

Typically, applications would expect to use a very large truck to pick containers from the barge. However, to meet the requirements of a specific application, recently a Hyster® RS46-33 CH Reachstacker was specially equipped with an extended rotator head on the boom and lowered end beams so that the spreader can reach the low level required for picking containers from a barge.

The specially adapted Hyster® truck perfectly meets the requirements of the application – as the barges unloaded at the terminal are no more than two containers wide, a larger truck is not needed. The ReachStacker has a smaller footprint and load centre of just 6200mm, enabling smaller turning circles and therefore more space for containers to be stored in the yard.

Overall, this solution has helped to reduce operating costs and delivered a lower Total Cost of Ownership for the particular application.

See the solution in action!

Watch this video of a tough Hyster® RS46 ReachStacker picking containers from a barge at ROC Waalwijk in the Netherlands.

Picking containers from a barge

For barge handling operations there will also be certain required capacities to consider, and operations are likely to also be looking to achieve the lowest cost price per working hour.

The Hyster® ReachStacker has long been regarded as one of the most reliable and robust container handlers for lifts up to 46 tonnes. With energy efficient technologies that can offer proven fuel savings of up to 25%, it helps to lower the cost of any operation.

Designed to achieve maximum space utilisation in intense container terminals, the Hyster® ReachStacker provides outstanding manoeuvrability and superior handling speeds with no loss of power at full capacity for demanding loads.

Hyster® trucks for specific terminal application needs

The right choice of equipment will always depend on the specific demands of the application, as each inland terminal can face different challenges.

Talk to your local Hyster® dealer for advice, or see more Hyster® solutions for ports and terminals.

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