2nd December 2021

Hyster® forklift trucks have helped overcome operating challenges in the tough conditions of the construction materials industry for many years. But as the industry evolves, how can your materials handling equipment choices help you stay competitive? 

To find out, download our new white paper: Building A Competitive Advantage

The Changing Construction Materials Industry

In the European Union, construction output decreased significantly during 2020 due to Covid-19, and subsequent growth is expected to be slow. Conversely, infrastructure construction and DIY retailers and wholesalers are seeing unexpected growth.

Whether your construction business is experiencing an unexpected downturn or unexpected growth, choosing the right materials handling equipment can help you keep your competitive edge.

Download our construction white paper to find out how.

In this Hyster® white paper, we address how to overcome some key challenges facing construction industry applications like yours in 2021, such as:

Skills Shortages

Before the pandemic, the industry faced a shortage of skilled labour, and that hasn’t gone away, just because construction projects have been delayed or cancelled. 

Fluctuating Cost

With financial pressures and uncertainties, solutions such as used materials handling equipment and the short-term hire of lift trucks can help operations to match the right solution to their budget, with added flexibility but without significant upfront investment in new lift trucks.  

Energy Hungry Operations

In construction materials applications, effective fleet management and matching the right truck, with the right attachment for the job, and the right power source for the particular application can help bring energy costs down and improve efficiency, while also reducing maintenance and downtime.

Environmental Sustainability

Achieving industry environmental goals (40% less carbon by 2030 and 100% net zero emissions by 2050) will require changes to materials handling equipment fleets. Trends towards alternative power for lift trucks, like lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells, are emerging alongside ever “cleaner” combustion engine options.

Managing a wide and diverse product portfolio

The building materials industry comprises a vast array of products, from glass and tiles, to bricks and timber. Building materials manufacturers must be capable of handling the wide and diverse product portfolio with an efficient lift truck fleet.  The right truck and attachment combination is key.

Going Digital

Technologies are important considerations for businesses trying to retain a competitive advantage, and they are not just limited to the production line. Materials handling solutions such as automated lift trucks, alternative power and telematics can be put into place to support the move to Industry 4.0.

People First

Driver assistance technologies, such as warning systems, lights, and object detection devices, can all help to create a safe working environment.  However, the right choice of lift truck, with good visibility as standard and optimal ergonomics can also help give businesses an edge when it comes to operator comfort and efficiency.

Hyster Can Help.

Download the new white paper and see how Hyster can help, with tough lift trucks designed for challenging environments, advanced technologies, extensive fleet management capabilities and smart robotic solutions.

For more information visit the Hyster website or contact your local Hyster distribution partner

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