Applications try the new Hyster cool truck

7th December 2017

Handling applications in Germany are being invited to try out the new Hyster® 2-3.5-tonne Cool Truck to see how it could benefit their operations. 

Well suited to recycling and paper handling applications, the new ‘Cool Truck’ package for the Hyster® H2.0-3.5FT lift truck series in Germany is designed to help extend run time and maximise dependability.

Companies that register their interest in testing the Cool Truck will be contacted by their regional Hyster® dealer to arrange the trial.  After a full demonstration from their local Hyster® distribution partner, applications will be able to test the truck on their own site free of charge for one week or more, depending on the particular needs of their operation. The businesses testing the truck will complete a questionnaire to provide feedback about how the truck performs and the benefits that they have experienced.

Here are just some of the advantages of the new Hyster® Cool Truck

  • Radiator clogging caused by dust and debris is reduced thanks to the automatically reversing fan – unnecessary downtime and costs are avoided
  • Less debris enters the engine compartment, protecting the transmission, helping to prevent overheating, and reducing the frequency of engine compartment cleanouts
  • Tilt and steer cylinder gaiters minimise risk of damage to cylinders caused by debris
  • Ingress of debris under the floorplates is lessened with tough rubber guards over the drive axle
  • Vented side panels and a solid multi-piece belly pan minimise dust entering the truck from the ground
  • Hyster® Duramatch™ transmission reduces shocks through the transmission helping to prolong tyre life – even in applications with a high level of shock loads to the truck

The launch of the new ’Cool Truck’ package for 2-3.5 tonne capacity lift trucks follows the successful introduction on the H4.0-5.5FT Cool Truck in 2015 to help paper and recycling operations increase productivity and maximise return on investment.


For more information about the range of tough and reliable Hyster® forklift trucks for the paper and recycling industries, visit or speak to your local Hyster® dealer.

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