A Hyster Tracker Success Story

28th January 2021

The Port of Oxelösund in Sweden is easy to reach and located directly by the Baltic Sea. It is one of few ports in the Baltic that can receive big vessels, and also benefits from the quays being free of ice all year round. Metal coils arrive at the port by train, which are unloaded with a crane. Then, the forklifts carry the goods to the port cranes, which load coils onto the ships.

Hyster provided a new fleet of forklift trucks and ReachStackers featuring the Hyster Tracker wireless asset management system to support this tough application.

Hear how it helped.

How Hyster Tracker helps at the Port of Oxelösund

Hyster Tracker has given the Port of Oxelösund the opportunity to limit drivers – only those who are authorized can drive a truck during working hours.

Drivers must present a card to a reader by the Hyster® lift truck or Hyster ReachStacker® steering wheel. The system can then confirm whether the driver has the right license to operate the particular truck in the Port.

With Hyster Tracker, the operation also has a daily pre-use check that appears via a display. This check-up needs doing before the truck is used and then at some times after the vehicle has started.

The Hyster Tracker telematics system has also given the Port of Oxelösund increased security. The company can now decide who should drive the vehicle, and who should not.

Even though most drivers think they are good, Hyster Tracker can show the facts. There are sensors that detect if an impact occurs. It also warns if the speed limit is violated.

The Port can also see how the vehicles move on a map. This allows the operation to analyse potentially difficult traffic situations and see how the trucks are being driven.

Forklift telematics system

With a wide range of features and options, the Hyster Tracker Wireless Asset Management solution helps you see your total cost of operation in a totally new light. Increased productivity starts by knowing what your trucks are doing, while helping promote operator performance and ensuring checklist completion.

Find out how Hyster Tracker could help you to achieve the lowest cost of ownership. Talk to your local Hyster® dealer now.

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