10th December 2021

We’ve spoken before about how Hyster Company is committed to achieving ambitious environmental goals[HP1]  by 2026. But did you know that a range of Hyster® lift trucks is available to help you achieve YOUR sustainability goals too?

Low- and zero-emission lift trucks

From Big Trucks used in ports and terminals, right down to low-capacity lift trucks in busy logistics operations, Hyster products increasingly incorporate a range of clean energy solutions.

  1. Lift up to 18-tonnes with lithium-ion forklifts

The new Hyster® J10-18XD lift trucks have 10-18 tonne lift capacity and are now available with an electric drivetrain, helping businesses achieve zero-emissions objectives by making the switch to electric forklifts.

The forklifts feature lithium-ion battery packs providing full power and acceleration, comparable to a diesel forklift but with no emissions.

2. Lithium-ion forklifts for demanding applications

The 7-9 tonne lift capacity, Hyster J7.0-9.0XNL series of electric lift trucks, features fully integrated lithium-ion batteries and rapid opportunity charging.

Achieving 100% charge in just 80 minutes, the new trucks have high voltage lithium-ion batteries and the endurance to support three shift operations in demanding industrial applications. Paper, brick and block, timber, metals, and other heavy-duty industries can now easily bring tough zero-emission electric lift trucks into their fleet which offer class leading turn radius, fast acceleration, and even more responsive operation.

3. Integrated lithium-ion batteries for electric lift trucks

For lifts up to 3 tonnes, the Hyster® J2.5-3.0XNL counterbalance lift truck powered by integrated lithium-ion technology can support industry applications that demand high efficiency, charging flexibility, and zero battery maintenance.

Engineered around a fully integrated and space-saving lithium-ion battery, the J2.5-3.0XNL series is at the forefront of innovation, with a design that helps free space in the operator compartment, maximising comfort, and convenience to enable high productivity. A choice of four truck models is available for lifts up to three tonnes.

4. Electric Hyster Big Trucks for Ports

Innovative applications of lithium-ion batteries and hydrogen fuel cells are enabling Hyster to develop zero-emission Container Handlers and ReachStackers for the first time.

Hyster is now bringing these benefits to more equipment types to support total green operations from ship to store and is entering a partnership with Capacity Trucks to jointly develop electric, hydrogen, and automation-ready terminal tractors.

4. Ultra-compact lithium-ion pallet truck

The Hyster® PC1.5 ultra-compact lithium-ion pallet truck is another solution harnessing the power of lithium-ion battery technology.

A great option for the warehouse, it can deliver greater efficiency than a hand pallet truck, but without complex maintenance requirements. It is designed to be tough and reliable enough to stand-up to daily operational challenges, but with a low cost of ownership. When the lithium-ion battery needs replacing, operators get a re-charge alert and, in just six seconds, can exchange it, keeping the operation running with minimal interruption.

6. Reducing emissions with Stage V engines

Stage V engines that comply with EU emission regulations are available for Hyster Big Trucks, with capacities of 8 tonnes or more, helping businesses comply with emissions legislation, while also heightening productivity, and reducing the cost of ownership for the customer.

7. Sustainable aftermarket solutions


As well as the right products for achieving sustainability, Hyster also offers aftermarket solutions to support this, such as carbon-neutral lubricants. Some Hyster Big Trucks for the European market are prefilled with Shell’s carbon neutral engine oil, and it is also in use at the factory producing Hyster lift trucks in Craigavon, Northern Ireland.

8. Fleet optimisation

The right choice of materials handling equipment will always be dependent on the specific application.

Hyster Tracker telematics, Hyster warehouse simulation, and expert Fleet Management advice from Hyster experts can all help ensure the optimum mix of trucks within the operation. This process can be a key part of ensuring unnecessary emissions are reduced and to assess the potential effectiveness of switching to electric forklifts.

Let’s talk about reducing your emissions

Talk to your local Hyster distribution partner to learn more about how Hyster can help to support your business’ sustainability goals.

Or for more information, visit www.hyster.com.

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