7 Facts About Used Hyster® Forklifts

27th October 2020

Demand for quality used and refurbished lift trucks has never been stronger, and demand is expected to grow as we exit the current crisis and firms give serious consideration to their cost outlays. Here are seven facts about used Hyster® forklifts and why they might be the right choice for your application.

1. They are cost effective

In many cases, a big advantage of a used Hyster® forklift is the cost. It may be easier to match a suitable quality, robust and reliable used forklift truck, that still meets your needs, to your budget than a new truck. Not every application requires a new machine.

For example, if a truck is used only for a few hours a day, a used or fully refurbished Hyster® lift truck, supplied by an official Hyster® dealer, can be the ideal solution. A used truck can also be ideal to keep on site as a reserve machine.

2. You don’t have to buy them

Used and/or refurbished Hyster® machines are also available for rental on a short or long-term basis and we expect demand to grow in this area. Financing is available through the Hyster® dealer or through Hyster Financial Services.

3. They can be equipped for your needs

Used Hyster® trucks can be retrofitted with additional attachments, driver assistance systems, additional lighting and warning lights, and more. Furthermore, the trucks can be fitted with the Hyster Tracker fleet management system.

4. There’s no compromise on quality

You should purchase a used Hyster® lift truck only from an authorised distribution partner as this provides reassurance that the trucks have been serviced and maintained by the dealer itself. Hyster® dealers can also provide comprehensive advice to buyers and take on the service and support of the truck.

5. Parts for used trucks are available

Authorised Hyster® dealers offer warranties for Hyster® used lift trucks and comprehensive spare parts are available to purchase. We recommend that servicing is also carried out by the Hyster® dealer, who will utilise genuine Hyster Parts.

6. They’re easy to find online

Our new dedicated and easy to use website www.hysterused.com brings together all available units from our official dealer network in one location. The large majority of available units are ex-rental and have been owned and maintained from new by the dealer selling them. The reconditioning of used trucks for a ‘second life’ extends their service life and saves resources.

7. You can get them straight away!

At www.hysterused.com website, you can find full details of trucks that are immediately available. This includes a variety of used machine types, from forklifts to warehouse equipment, and container handlers such as a ReachStackers.

Find a used Hyster lift truck that is right for you!
Visit www.hysterused.com now.

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