22nd March 2022

Real-time data with Hyster Tracker telematics gives you the power to take your wireless fleet management up a gear, so that your team can work smarter every day.

Here are five reasons to choose Hyster Tracker to optimise your day-to-day lift truck and materials handling equipment operations.

  1. Have real-time fleet visibility
1.	Have real-time fleet visibility

By giving you a real-time view of your fleet and impact detection alerts, the Hyster Tracker telematics solution is designed to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and identify under- and over-utilisation within your fleet.

This level of insight and analysis is invaluable for activities like quarterly business reviews, meanwhile, the Hyster Tracker app, gives you fleet visibility and the necessary information for site analysis at your fingertips.

2. Reduce avoidable damage and downtime

Reduce avoidable damage and downtime

Accurate impact detection, reporting, and real time alerts, give you the insight you need to identify what might be causing high-cost repairs in your fleet.

With Hyster Tracker you can see where there are issues with particular trucks, tasks, or operators so that you can take action. That might be using different equipment for certain activities, addressing operator training issues, or changing and repairing elements of the site infrastructure where the GPS tracking has shown that impacts occur with higher frequency.

3. Support operational safety

operational safety

Digitise Operator Pre-shift Checklists in Hyster Tracker so that mandatory checks are completed before trucks are put into use.  Whether it’s a Hyster lift truck, container handler or piece of warehouse equipment, with Hyster Tracker, you can remove any guesswork around whether pre-shift checks have been conducted correctly. Pre-shift safety checklist errors can also be seen in real-time on the Hyster Tracker app, for fast decision making and intervention.

All of this is done completely digitally, removing the paper trail and associated admin, with the data stored in the Hyster Tracker portal to refer to whenever you need it. This can be used effectively in combination with Access Control, which enables operation of equipment only by appropriately trained operators.

4. Extend truck and battery life

4. Extend truck and battery life

Equipment diagnostics help you to monitor engine, transmission, hydraulic and electronic functions to help provide maximum uptime in your fleet. Hyster Tracker fleet management provides wireless monitoring of diagnostic trouble codes, as well as giving you the data you need to schedule and track preventative maintenance, to help reduce fleet downtime. Plus, you can investigate what is causing issues without always having to visit the site, saving you time.

With the ability to use the Remote Hour Meter, you can also view and manage your equipment’s key performance data, and ensure the fleet is being used optimally, to keep a handle on wear and tear.

5. Go ‘greener’ in your operations

Hyster Tracker telematics can help you realise the optimum mix of different types of trucks within your operation. This understanding can be key to reducing unnecessary emissions and assessing where there may be potential to switch to zero emissions electric forklifts. An Automatic Shutdown option can also be used to save energy when trucks are not in use, keeping costs and emissions down.

Power YOUR Possibilities with telematics

Hyster Tracker is factory fitted as standard with all Hyster Big Trucks  and more information on the latest Hyster lift trucks featuring Hyster Tracker is expected to be coming soon!

Hyster Tracker is available from your local Hyster dealer – enquire now!

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