5 Reasons to Choose a Hyster Empty Container Handler

9th June 2020

Container handling companies are continuously pushed to strive for more efficiency and reduce the cost per container move. Hyster® container handling trucks have been used in port and terminal operations for many years, and Hyster has worked closely with customers to refine and continually improve its products to help reduce costs.

Hyster® empty container handlers can offer significant productivity advantages and deliver an excellent return on investment and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose the Hyster® H8XM-EC6 – H11XM-ECD9 Empty Container Handler series.

Double container handling

The H8XM-EC6 – H11XM-ECD9 empty container truck range includes 5 double handlers, up to 9 high. With a Hyster® H11XM-ECD9 empty container handler, you can handle two containers at a time, even 40ft units with refrigerators on the same side (reefers), which would normally cause an offset load. This means drivers can achieve more in less time.

As the same truck is capable of both single and double container handling, drivers can get on with any job without the need to plan around the equipment available. This also helps operations drive down the cost per container moved.

Customers with single-handling operations will benefit from highly rugged and durable equipment that is designed for double-handling capability.

See the H11XM-ED9 – the ultimate double handling machine – in action

EMBED VIDEO: https://blog.hyster.eu/videos/?id=YJRg1rUer4U

Enhanced visibility

The operator cabin, open mast design, and smart placement of components on the Hyster® empty container handler series have been developed with visibility in mind. Not only does this increase comfort for the operator, but with enhanced visibility, drivers can operate more efficiently.

Where even greater visibility will benefit operational efficiency, cabin options are available to support drivers. One optional cabin tilts back 10° at higher lifts to make looking up easier, while the standard cabin position enhances visibility when the container is at driving height.

Operator comfort

In this Hyster® truck, the operator finds their best position with seat and steering column adjustment and can easily check and adjust truck parameters with the digital display. Control is simple and ergonomic with the multifunction joystick.

Also, this machine is equipped with an on-demand, load-sensing, hydraulic system that only draws engine power when required, offering low running costs. This allows the truck to be very quiet in operation, which adds to the comfortable driver environment.

Toughness and power

The Hyster® Empty Container Handler includes a tough mast to accommodate heavier weights and offset loading, achieving power and speed in every lift.

The high strength can handle net loads of up to 11 tonnes. For optimal performance and durability, the variable lap mast features a heavy-duty chain system. This design enhances structural strength and significantly improves chain life, contributing to lower costs and reducing downtime.

Accurate handling

The Hyster® Empty Container Handler provides the operator with superb control when approaching loads with smooth shifting and full-electronic inching thanks to the 5-speed forward / 3-speed reverse, hydrodynamic transmission by ZF.

Powered pile slope and clear indication from second display are just a couple of the positioning features that allow for Easy, accurate and smooth positioning of containers. This helps drivers to work as productively as possible, even when stacking up to 9 high.

An optional auto extend/retract feature also assists operators by enabling them to adjust the container spreader to a 20ft or 40ft container size at the simple touch of a button.

Find out more about container handling in our Ports and Terminals industry hub or contact your local Hyster® distributor for more details or to arrange a demo.

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