5 reasons to choose a Hyster XT forklift truck

4th January 2018

To maximise the return on your investment in any forklift truck, it is important to choose a model that suits the specific needs of your operation and your operators. The Hyster® H2.0-3.0XT series of forklift trucks is ideal for everyday logistics, distribution and manufacturing applications. These tough trucks are ideally suited for operating several hours a day, indoors or outdoors, for ‘everyday’ tasks, such as loading and unloading lorries, storing and retrieving goods and transporting loads within business premises.

Here are five reasons why the Hyster® XT series could be the right choice for your operation.

  1. Hyster® XT stands up to your tough application

When selecting a forklift truck, you should check it is durable enough to suit the conditions and the challenges specific to your operation. Hyster® products are renowned for their toughness and suitability for demanding operations. The robust, reliable and intelligently designed Hyster® XT truck helps to enhance operational productivity, with every component meeting stringent quality and durability standards set by Hyster.

The design of the mast on the Hyster® XT forklift supports sustained high productivity with excellent through-mast load visibility. As well as providing reasonable protection to the driver from falling objects, the overhead guard has also been designed as an integral strengthening element of the truck’s structure, while also allowing good all-round vision.


  1. You can depend on the Hyster® XT, and it’s easy to service

All Hyster® trucks are designed and built for durability and dependability, proven in stringent quality tests.

The Hyster® XT series is driven by heavy duty, purpose-designed industrial engines to maximise efficiency, minimise wear, and extend life, with long service intervals of 500 hours, to enhance uptime. During routine or unplanned maintenance, downtime is kept to a minimum thanks to the truck’s design, which makes the engine diagnostics, oil levels and other regularly monitored items, easy to see. Components are easily accessible due to the wide opening rear-hinged engine cover and one-piece steel floor plate, which can be  quickly removed to access deeper components.  Electrical wiring and hydraulic hoses are neatly arranged for ease of service and optimised uptime.

  1. Hyster® XT helps make drivers more efficient

The driver can account for around 69 per cent of the total cost associated with a truck in its life, so driver work rate is another important aspect to consider.  Offering all-round and through mast visibility, the truck enables quick and precise manoeuvres to facilitate high levels of productivity. The comfortable full-suspension, adjustable seat, along with low noise and vibration from engine isolation, allows the driver to keep working comfortably and efficiently during long shifts.

Also, the maintenance-free Hyster® Stability Mechanism™ (HSM™) helps keep the truck stable when making turns and enhances its ability to operate efficiently on rough surfaces. This instils the driver with confidence to achieve high levels of productivity and accurate operation.


  1. Hyster® XT delivers low costs

Fuel accounts for a large part of the forklift running costs, so its engines are designed to be fuel-efficient. LPG models feature the Power Solutions International (PSI) engines, which can be switched between two performance modes to match the nature of each task. HiP (High Performance) mode maximises productivity, while the ECO-eLo mode optimises fuel economy.

Maintenance costs are also kept low, thanks to low-maintenance or maintenance-free systems, and the long service intervals and easy access components, which minimise the time and cost of scheduled servicing.

To keep costs low, the Hyster® XT is designed for standard applications, but for more specialised work, optional extra features can be added. To make payment easy the Hyster® XT is also available with a variety of flexible finance packages to suit individual business circumstances.

  1. Hyster® XT comes with dependable service support

When selecting materials handling equipment, strong support with scheduled or unexpected maintenance from a dependable forklift truck dealer is vital to keep the operation moving. All Hyster® trucks are supported by a global network of local dealers, providing round the clock maintenance support. In the event that new parts are required, a fast-track ordering system brings even the most rarely requested Hyster® parts to your premises, by the next day, from Hyster® European Parts Operation.

For more information about the Hyster® XT Truck, a free E-Guide is available to download: ‘The Seven Key Characteristics of Trucks You Can Count On.For more information about the range of tough and reliable Hyster® forklift trucks and other materials handling equipment for demanding operations everywhere, visit www.hyster.eu.

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